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Thread: Adventure Bug - Loki Won't Start

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    Adventure Bug - Loki Won't Start

    Hi folks, Im new to this reddit and game altogether. First time posting here I believe. Anyways we have encountered a bug last night with the adventure, and I have turned on streaming temporarily to record it:

    Basically we cleared the dungeon and Loki wouldn't open the gate for us. The speech sequence would start every time you'd walk certain points in the last tunnel of the dungeon, but the green regeneration area wouldn't spawn. We tried everything from dying to changing items to checking out if some minions were left somewhere but we've cleared everything. Our friend was playing Skadi and he believes his doggo could've crashed the game because he got thrown off-board during the Kraken sea boss thing (cant recall his name) encounter, and so our friend couldn't spawn the doge for the remainder of the run. (even after going to dungeon 3) He got him back after intentionally jumping into the abyss at the end in order to respawn.

    Anyways has anyone had a similar issue and is there something we could do in case this happens again? Also if there's a way to report a bug to Hi-Rez I would appreciate it if someone told me, as again - I'm new to the game and this forum.

    Thank you and I apologize if I'm not up to date with all the new gamer language and if i sound like a cringe grandpa. Looking forward to replies!

    PS: I just realized that you cant hear anything in the stream. Sorry about that I kept switching headphones and speakers so the streaming program didn't record from the same source as SMITE.

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    I had same bug with Vulcan in team. The problem caused by his tower on land. No mobs left to destroy it. So, Vulcan just fell down in abyss. After returning we all could go at Loki's area.

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