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Thread: Spiked Gauntlet

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    Spiked Gauntlet

    This tier 1 of Devourer's Gauntlet is too weak. It costs 600 gold and gives just 7% lifesteal. This is an item you usually build in second or even first place, so that lifesteal is close to none. If you compare this tier 1 with others, the stats others provide are simply much better.

    Cudgel (Frostbound Hammer): 5 physical power + 100 health for 50 more gold.
    Morningstar (Trascendence): 10 physical power for 50 LESS gold.
    Talisman (Pestilence): 75 health and 15 magical prots for 50 more gold.

    Death Toll gives much more sustain +10 power +100 health for 200 more gold. I know this tier 1 will become a very good tier 3 item, but its price is still pretty expensive for what it offers. Even if you compare it with the tier 2 (Cursed Gauntlet), there is such a big gap in stats. I think this tier 1 should provide with 5 power even while sacrificing 2% lifesteal. This way, the stats will remain like this:

    Spiked Gauntlet (600 gold): 5 physical power + 5% lifesteal.

    Thus, it will become a decent tier 1 item and the step from this to tier 2 won't be as radical as repently giving +20 power while just +3% lifesteal.

    Tell me what you think. Are there more tier 1 items you think need to better match their higher ranks?
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    I agree for 5 power and 5% lifesteal.
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