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Thread: Adventure Mode - Not so fun for no0bs

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    Adventure Mode - Not so fun for no0bs

    Allo there;

    So back when the last major gameplay changes were rolled out I was invited to get into the game by some friends I knew through streaming. Unfortunately as so often happens they stopped playing so I drifted away from the game as well.

    Then Adventure mode happened!

    With a great deal of excitement, I installed the game again and jumped right in expecting a lot of fun.

    Unfortunately, so far I have been met with teams surrendering, cursing, and generally seeming to be quite upset because of items. Now, I would love to purchase them. Heck, to try and make it go easier I even selected the option to auto purchase. Unfortunately, when I go to buy items there is nothing there for me to purchase. I see the icons on the bar, sure, but the actual Blacksmith screen itself is empty.

    Needless to say, this level of confusion and rage is making this new mode feel far less fun than I imagined.

    Also, I apologize to anyone I group with. I was a new player when I left so I am clearly behind the learning curve upon returning. I am not trying to ruin your attempts, I'm really not.I've read in other posts about items and buying the bundle, which I did not do, but I also read these issues were supposedly fixed. Again, sorry, not sure what I am doing so fundamentally wrong.

    I really want to love this mode but running into this much of a roadblock right from the start is a pretty huge turn-off. I may not be bi-lingual but being called C**t and B**tch is obvious across multiple languages.

    Edit: After more investigation, I realize now that this is in fact not my fault. When you first start the adventure you have no items. So... it seems even more toxic and unwelcoming that people who likely started with no items themselves would be freaking out like this. Also, why wouldn't some sort of matchmaking by default put me with people who are also just starting the adventure?

    I'll keep at it. I really want to love this mode.

    ~ Mal
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    Change font color to standard so maybe somebody would read it.
    This feeling when your team is far behind and you have no prospects for late game but for some reason players still doesnt want to surrender - MOBA Cancer.

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