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Thread: Weekly Wisdom - Week of November 13

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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of November 13

    Patch 4.21 has released for PC!! This means the release of our newest Goddess, Discordia, as well as the release of our brand NEW Adventure mode, Shadows Over Hercopolis!!

    Patch 4.21 is out!! (All Platforms)

    Last week we released Patch 4.21 - Shadows Over Hercopolis for all of our platforms. Our newest Smite patch has released for PC. There are many things released with this new patch.

    If you want to read the patch notes, check them out here!

    Community Day/Art Contest - Shadows Over Hercopolis (11/14)

    November 14 is Community Stream Day for our new Adventure Mode, Shadows Over Hercopolis. We want to reward you as you stream our new game mode! We will also be hanging out in twitch chats while you stream dropping codes and swag! But that’s not all, we are having an art contest to see who can submit the best Shadows Over Hercopolis related art!

    Check out the full details in our blog.

    If the call of the Adventure isn’t enough for you, we are also running exclusive challenges for the community and streamers! Earn Gems and codes for being the first to complete each mode or compete in our speed running challenges. Check out our challenges blog for details on all of our challenges!

    • First to complete!
    • Fastest Speedruns!
    • And More!

    Challenges Blog
    YouTube Video!

    Trickster Bundle

    The Trickster God, Loki, has kidnapped King Hercules! Journey into the lands of Norse Mythology, combat legendary monsters, and confront Loki in an epic final battle! This new SMITE Adventure is available in 4.21 through 4.24. For more information, check out our Adventure site or FAQ!

    • Limited Agent of Darkness Loki
    • Limited Thief Avatar
    • Limited Music Theme
    • Limited Thief Loading Skin
    • Gold Key
    • Plus, earn an extra Gold Key after purchasing all Adventure Bundles

    Unlock Limited Cursed King Cernunnos in the Adventure Vault with a Gold Key!

    Weekend Event - 2x Everything (11/17 - 11/19)

    Ready to earn some bonuses while you play SMITE this weekend?

    Step 1: Cancel your plans.
    Step 2: Cancel your friends’ plans.
    Step 3: Play SMITE together and earn 2x Everything!

    4.22 Patch Notes Show (11/15)

    Be sure to tune into our Patch Notes Show - this Wednesday at 4 pm ET.

    Skin Sales (11/13 - 11/16)

    • Centurion Mercury
    • Gravehound Anubis
    • G.E.B.1 Geb

    Skin Sales (11/17 - 11/19)

    • Death Cap Sylvanus
    • Ordo Solarus Amaterasu
    • Kawaii Pop Bastet

    Free God Rotation (11/14 - 11/20)

    • Thoth
    • Bacchus
    • Erlang Shen
    • Anhur
    • Fenrir

    MLC St3alth's Tip of the Week

    The best way to guarantee victory is to make sure you defeat your opponent before they defeat you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLCst3alth View Post

    The best way to guarantee victory is to make sure you defeat your opponent before they defeat you.
    Good One, Brett
    Community Manager

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    I can't wait to see the fan art. The adventures official art is already very great.

    And finally, this is not in the sub-forum with...

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    God rotation are wrong. Those are not the gods that are free right now. Ao Kuang, Bellona, Hou Yi, Khepri, and Thanatos are the ones free right now even though they were the ones free last week too. I think someone is not changing the gods every week like they should be doing. Please fix.

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    Oh i love this formatting
    can i just suggest that maybe you could do the topic lines for the banners a slightly tad bigger? i mean, they are supposed to introdude sub-topics eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLCst3alth View Post

    The best way to guarantee victory is to make sure you defeat your opponent before they defeat you.
    I'm 95% sure you've used this already.
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