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Thread: Gods like Kumbhakrna are why EVERY guardian needs their dps nerfed hard

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    Gods like Kumbhakrna are why EVERY guardian needs their dps nerfed hard

    With all the cc they have they should not be putting out anywhere near as much damage as they can. Its a mix between the items they have access to, defense items granting them magical power, and the scaling. All of these should be nerfed. Bacchus, Artio, and Kumb are just freaking cancer in this game. Kuzenbo is almost as bad.

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    You cannot get a lot of power from bruiser items. Without the damage they have, guardians like Kumbha would suck ass. They need to be able to contribute some form of damage or else they're useless, save for gods like Khepri who are outright supports. Build a defense item and git gud.

    Also, you only have an hour of playtime as a guardian, and you've only played 1 game as as bruiser guardian: Kumbha. You have absolutely no qualification to say anything about gods you haven't even played.
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    Guardians are not kites of other characters, if you are having difficulty with their damage, build magic defense. Khepri is enough as a guardian who cannot do a clear wave without difficul in solo with two skills, not to mention that Sylvanus is the only god that only has 1 skill that affects minions.

    PS: Khepri ll suffer another nerf after this reference.

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