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Thread: PLEASE READ: Matchmaking bug

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    PLEASE READ: Matchmaking bug

    EDIT: I have not been able to replicate this issue to my own statisfaction just based on PlayerLevel alone. I think the whole issue might have something to do with how badly your "matchmaking rating" is desynced with your "current league" i.e. Plat into high diamond i suddenly dont get matches even though i can literally look up both platinum and diamond players finishing their duel matches on smiteguru.

    Something is definitely off. 12 minute q time in Duel is not okay and the matches that i get after 12 minutes are pretty much the same as the ones that i get immediately.

    I just really cant put my finger on what it is. ./ENDEDIT

    Hi there,

    I have 2 accounts, one of which has to wait 12minutes to get a match in ranked duel everytime i play while the other gets instant q pops.
    Both accounts are around the same league and i tested both at similair (i.e. the same) time of day.
    Playernames: CurrentValue , IHATECHRISTMAS

    What i believe is the issue:
    The only thing i can imagine that causes this is that due to recent matchmaking changes, Matchmaking now considers PlayerLevel and makes it so PlayerLevel has a SIGNIFICANT impact on matchmaking. (i.e. I am aware that Playerlevel is considered for matchmaking BELOW level 30! This issue is about PlayerLevel being considered ABOVE level 30)

    If my assumption is incorrect, please fix whatever causes this massive difference in queue time.

    If my assumption is correct:
    1. Remove all PlayerLevel related matchmaking (above level 29), especially in duel.
    2. Fire the guy who came up with the absurdly dumb idea to make PlayerLevel a part of Matchmaking. I'm. dead. serious. This person has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about online play. (and it would by the way explain why ive experienced matchmaking to be significantly worse in the recent months! not kidding! made a thread about it!

    Not only does this screw everyone who has multiple accounts (even if its just to dick around with non meta picks).
    But MUCH MORE IMPORTATNLY: Player Skill has NOTHING to do with time spent playing.

    I have played numerous games at high level, some at top level.The one thing that became abundantly clear to me is that some people just HAVE skill. They HAVE the ability to make quick decisions, fast reactions, strategic thinking - all the things that make you good at videogames. These people will ALWAYS be significantly better than others!
    And theres people who do NOT have those skills. And REGARDLESS of how long these people practice they will NEVER improve past a relatively LOW level of play. I have seen houndreds of people who sank years into MMOs or fighting games. Yet they NEVER improved past the barely mediocre level they were at.

    Its called Talent. Its a thing. In Life. EVERYWHERE.

    The amount of time you have spent doing something has NOTHING to do with how good you are at it.
    If Matchmaking actually considers PlayerLevel it is legit the WORST thing ever.
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