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Thread: matchmaking again (go figure)

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    matchmaking again (go figure)

    SO Im trying to get your awful fire giant quest since your game crashed for half a second (how professional) ,while nothing else in my computer disconnected from the internet,when i accomplished the mission. I join a game and we all slowly call roles to let everyone choose what they are comfortable with. Last second some dude chooses scylla when he was supposed to play support then forces erlang shen to be my support. In game scylla starts feeding and saying veg and not responding to any of our requests questions or commands. My entire team feeds and dies constantly against a team that should have been easy to kill and beat. Then the enemy team acts like pros after that and starts taunting and arguing with my teammates who fed......

    also its not letting me upload the screen cap of the match results that i took.

    i got the most damage and kills and least deaths of my team.

    if nintendo...the scublords of multiplayer games, can make a decent matchmaking system....why cant you make any good updates to it when we keep asking constantly this is almost every day i play this game. Im only trying to complete the quests as thanks to this failure of a matchmaking system i do not enjoy the game anymore

    Also I just looked it up again and i got second most damage taken (only 1k less than our forced support) with the least amount of deaths in the game, third most structure damage, most kills, most player damage, second most gold etc etc etc....and yet im stuck in elo hell
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