You need to increase the payout on chests in the Shadow of Hercopolis adventure or the amount of them in the 1st half before the Draugr. Even with Town's Favor, the grind is even longer than Trials of King Hercules & its harder to get more chests cuz there are less chests between the beginning & Draugr than in Trials beginning & Boar, then the skill gap between Draugr & Erymanthian Boar is insanely wide. Anyone could get past the boar back then when it launched, but only 3 teams I've played with since Monday has gotten past the Draugr, making the grind more impossible than necessary. It forces us to play the same gods over & over again unlike Trials where you could pick any god to get through it long as you had some worthwhile items. Plus you banned Susano & Erlang for whatever reason that makes no sense this time around. The Trials bans were understandable (invisibility, launch-into-sky ults, go-underground abilities) but Susano & Erlang are hardly justifiable, considering Fenrir is at the top of the leaderboards currently. Long rant short: MAKE MORE CHESTS BEFORE THE DRAUGR APPEAR OR INCREASE THE EXISTING ONES PAYOUT OF GOLD.