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Thread: How does chests ACTUALLY work?

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    Chest have their own physic in that they can jiggle or not, it depends on the dencity and what the person is currently wearing aka bras
    In smite chest also have the ability to feed players with attemptation, just like playing in lottery

    U roll somthing and then you want to try your luck again again

    Real chest have the ability to tempt people to do stupid stuff too
    When boys/girls witouth selfcontroll see a nice chest(s) they tend to stare and their mindset can become irrational, just when a smitr player buys a chest and want to get that top 3 skin even though they know that you will only get it on the last rolls anyway

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    I actually bought a few PSN cards to get skins for my favorite gods but the pricing on gems and chests are ridiculous!! $15 to open a chest 2 times?
    In my experience the advertised loot is always the last rolls.
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