Hello and Welcome!

I see you have stumbled upon our clan recruitment post, we are currently recruiting for our clan.
Let it be known we are not a huge clan at the moment hence why we are here. We solely play on
Xbox one we currently have no plans for any other platform but that can change in the future depending on
how the growth of our clan goes. So that being said lets begin with telling you a little more about us and hopefully
peak your interest in joining us.

Our Pledge:

We are a clan that likes to reach out to new comers to the game and the community and also reaching out to the veterans.
We understand that there is a learning curve with any moba and we are here to help. we do not claim to pros nor do we claim to know everything. we are still learning ourselves with a game like this our learning as a clan may never end. But we are here to help every step of the way. and help you learn and become better at the game.

About Us:

This will be pretty quick, we are a chill and relaxed casual clan. we do not do anything in the pro league or anything like that. But we are more focused on team work, friendship, clan-ship and honestly having fun playing a great game such as this. we hope to build bonds with each clan member and help each other hand and hand as we excel in the smite game and community.


- 18+ years (Exceptions can be made upon showing of maturity)
- Must have a mic and or some way of communication
- Must be active
- Must obviously have an XBOX ONE
- Must be willing to dedicate to the clan and only the clan (Meaning no other clan)

To Join:

To contact us please message the following gamertags:

- TheScottishMonk
- DarlinBambi

And that pretty mush sums it all up, thank you for taking interest in our clan we hope to hear from you soon!