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Thread: Suggestion - buying any 1000 gem adventure pack should enable current adventure

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    Suggestion - buying any 1000 gem adventure pack should enable current adventure

    The current adventure, (Hercopolis) actually looks interesting, but I hate Loki with a passion, so asking me to pay 900 gems for a Loki skin to play the adventure is kind of pushing me not to buy / play it. On the other hand, been debating the Nike 1000 gem bundle for a bit, and would be much more apt to spend 1000 gems for the Nike bundle to play Hercopolis than I am to spend 900 gems for the Loki bundle to do so.

    So.... since all of those 1000 gem bundles were adventure bundles, and there's only one adventure active at a time, why not make it so that the purchase of any of them that haven't yet been purchased activates whatever the current adventure is?

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    Cause it will mean that ppl would buy only one bundle instead of two for example("Next adventure is awesome I buy previous bundle with good skin then and I get 2 in 1).

    Even without Loki you still have Gold key and plenty of other items.
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