Hello everyone! I am with the PMS & H2O Clan and we are currently looking for non-toxic people to join our ranks!

A little info about us:
The PMS Clan is the world's largest female gaming community, that formed back in the Halo 2 days (2002) and we have since morphed into a Co-Ed clan with many divisions on multi-platforms. Our brother clan is known as the H2O Clan. Our mission is to provide a fun, positive, safe and competitive environment for female gamers around the globe with the support of our H2O brothers.

We take pride in our members and prefer quality over quantity as well as being a respectful drama-free community. We also frequent and maintain our own Youtube and Twitch channels!

Our only requirement is that you play with us 4 hours a week, keep a positive attitude, have good sportsmanship, and have a working mic. We even offer volunteer positions and since we are a non-profit company all experience can be used in the real world.

Our website is PMSClan.com. We require all interested in recruiting, sign up on our website. Once you sign up, I highly recommend introducing yourself. If you are interested in joining our SMITE Division, you can apply here!

If this is something you are interested in, head over to our website and get started! We will respond to you there within a day or two.

If you have any questions I recommend reaching out to me through our forums or Xbox. My forum name and Gamertag is Loki PMS.

Thank you for your interest