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Thread: Weekly Wisdom - Week of November 6

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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of November 6

    Patch 4.21 has released for PC!! This means the release of our newest Goddess, Discordia, as well as the release of our brand NEW Adventure mode, Shadows Over Hercopolis!!

    Patch 4.21 is out!! (PC)

    Our newest Smite patch has released for PC. There are many things released with this new patch.
    If you want to read the patch notes, check them out here!

    Discordia, Goddess of Strife

    Passive: Contest of Gods
    Discordia is constantly comparing herself and her teammates to see who is the best. Whichever god on her team has the top damage dealt to enemy players will receive a Power buff that scales off Discordia’s level.

    Unruly Magic
    Discordia sends an orb of unruly magic to a location that damages any enemies it hits along the way. At that location it will break down into 6 minor projectiles that fire out in all directions, damaging any enemies hit and bouncing off of walls.

    Discordia creates an area of Strife that damages all enemies hit. If 2 or more enemy gods are hit at the same time they will be afflicted by Madness for 1s, forcing them to attack each other for additional damage. The same is true for minions. If only a single target of one type is hit then it becomes Rooted for a short duration instead.

    Erratic Behavior
    Discordia leaps a short distance and then creates an area of confusion where she lands. While inside the area she becomes stealthed, gains bonus movement speed, and Unruly Magic’s and Strife’s cooldowns are reduced by an additional amount of time every .5s she remains in the area. Attacking from the area will briefly reveal her.

    Golden Apple of Discord
    Discordia throws her Golden Apple of Discord that damages and passes through minions and bounces off of walls. If the Apple hits an enemy god it will damage them and force them to hold the Apple. Gods holding the apple will become intolerable, causing them to be Crippled, Intoxicated while they constantly boast. At the end of the duration, the Apple will detonate, dealing damage and spreading the effects to nearby gods.

    Shadows Over Hercopolis

    Our new Adventure mode, Shadows Over Hercoplis, releases with 4.21. This mode is bigger and badder than our last Adventure mode, Trials of King Hercules. Gather two other friends and compete in a PVE game mode where you unlock gold and items while trying to save King Hercules from the Trickster Loki.

    Challenges: Shadows Over Hercopolis

    If the call of the Adventure isn’t enough for you, we are also running exclusive challenges for the community and streamers! Earn Gems and codes for being the first to complete each mode or compete in our speed running challenges. Check out our challenges blog for details on all of our challenges!

    • First to complete!
    • Fastest Speedruns!
    • And More!

    Challenges Blog
    YouTube Video!

    SCL Fall Finals Lan

    The PC Super Regionals have come to an end, but that's not the end of SMITE esports! This weekend, catch the Fall Finals of the Smite Console League on!

    Games start on Friday at 11 am ET!

    Read the full blog here!

    Skin Sales (11/6 - 11/9)

    • Raven's Throne Odin
    • Solstice Hel
    • Dread Beard Poseidon

    Skin Sales (11/10 - 11/12)

    • Killer Bee AMC
    • Volcanig Agni
    • Recon Artemis

    Free God Rotation (11/7 - 11/13)

    • Ah Puch
    • Ares
    • Hercules
    • Hachiman
    • Mercury

    MLC St3alth's Tip of the Week

    Ratatoskr can NOT buy boots no matter how hard he tries.
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