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Thread: Which stats do the classes prefer and are there limits?

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    It depends more on the composition you are facing then what God you play.

    For example hunters. If they only have one tank you can go crit, but if they have 2 or 3 tanks you really want exec+qins build.

    Learn how flat and % pene works in the game, that should help figure builds out better.
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    It really does depend on the god you're playing. Some have a wide range of acceptable builds while others are a bit more finite and depend heavily on obtaining a certain amount from one stat before they're useful.

    Arachne is my go to god. I usually build her with a lot of atk speed/physical power but will get certain items like Hastened Katana if I'm having trouble keeping up with fast gods; such as Mercury.

    In the end, take a look at a god's abilities and judge what stat will benefit their abilities the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildstreak View Post
    So is that also why half the Aura items do not buff Ares' Base Attack Damage?
    The following Aura items are not buffing Ares Base Attack Damage.
    Mystical Mail
    Shogun's Kusari
    Heartward Amulet
    Gauntlet of Thebes

    Yeah, I tried making an all Aura build based on his passive but after trying the item builder, seems these do not work with it.

    Sorry, I meant to say Artemis, not Athena, got the names mixed up.
    Since nobody else mentioned it yet, I should let you know all those items do give him power from his passive. The item builder simply doesn't show what you get from his passive. It also doesn't show how much power you get from things such as book of thoth's passive(bonus power from max mana) and doesn't show stats from items at maximum stacks for items that build stacks(like doom orb and warlocks sash).

    It would be better to go to jungle practice and check stats there as it simulates an actual game environment and will include passives. That way on Awilix for instance, you can check her base power with whatever build you are using AND how much power she has when you trigger her passive(I believe it was 30% bonus power if you hit an opponent upon entering combat before they hit you?)

    I should also mention that for power stats, the cap is an item cap only. For instance, the physical power item cap is 400. If you somehow built more than 400 physical power from items it would only count 400. Bonus power from things such as Awilix' passive however does let you exceed that cap and it will count the full amount. So none of it will be wasted. Kukulkan is pretty famous for exceeding the 900 magical power item cap, as he gains a lot from his own passive letting him harder than most.

    I believe defense cap is also an item cap only, so Sobek for instance gaining bonus defense during his ult could far exceed 325.(the defense item cap) Though I haven't tried to extensively test this, and I wouldn't try to exceed the defense cap regardless due to how defense works as it has some pretty severe diminishing returns.

    In case you didn't know, defense does a % damage reduction. It is designed to never decrease damage 100% though, so as you build more defense it becomes less valuable to build even more. I don't remember exact values, but I think the cap of 325 defense reduced damage somewhere around 76%. And I think 200 defense was somewhere around 66%. 100 defense being around 50%. 50 defense being around 33%.(you can see how little it is going up) I think it was 100=1/2 200=2/3 300=3/4(so x/(x+100), with x being your defense stat)

    I have been told that penetration however has an absolute cap, so the penetration from Thanatos's abilities don't let you exceed this cap. I haven't tested this myself, but I don't have any reason to doubt it. Cooldown reduction also has an absolute cap of 40%, so Terra's ult won't allow her team to reach 80% during its duration. CCR also has an absolute cap(unfortunately, I wish it didn't have a cap at all).

    I'm not sure if lifesteal's cap is an item cap or an absolute cap. On physical gods it is 100% which is pretty hard to achieve as is so I've never had a reason to try and test it(though I did love toying with life steal Fenrir). Magical life steal cap is only 60% however, so if it is an absolute cap it'd be extremely easy to waste some on gods such as Anubis who gains a lot through his passive.

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    When you play any god in your loading screen hover over the character to look at their scaling. The higher the scaling the more "ability" based a character is.

    Guardians.Itemwise you are responible for cancelling out half of a enemies godbuilds. Your job is to look at the opposing teams damage. Identify what single target, burst, aoe and dot damage the other team has available. Your first aura is what you will mitigate the most out of a team fight. Next you need to look at who is dying(if at all =) ) If its you go tankier, referring to your death-recap for info. If its a teammate ask them whats killing them to try to counter it(aura or meatshielding with proper defense.)If you are ahead you have the initiative to develop damage,auras, or cdr. If you are behind you are countering.

    Warrior(Scaling matters ALOT) Itemwise you are responible for cancelling out half of a enemies godbuilds. From behind you are countering the opposing warriors build/godkit til roughly lvl 13, from this point build to win against the opposing teams god builds. From ahead you are developing whatever your playstyle entails =)

    Mage(Scaling matters) Itemwise you are responible for cancelling out half of a enemies godkit. Build to specifically counter relics, healing, movement speed. (literally whatever advantage is giving them lane

    Hunter(Scaling Matters) Itemwise you are responible for cancelling out half of a enemies godkit. IMO i would suggest on characters with a high scaling hunters "hammer builds" which is raw power asi pen. If they have three tanks or two tanks and a healer you may have to adapt the build. Auto attack steriod gods - build items that benefit for aa's and pay much closer attention to max penning.

    Assassin- Who is their most impactful teamfighter? build to kill that player, counter that specific players godkit and build.
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