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Thread: Critical hits & random chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuls View Post
    No. You can't remove crit without removing other RNG things first about gods. Just to name a few: Rama 2, Artemis passive, Jing Wei 2, Hou Yi passive, Sylvanus passive,
    Hachiman 1
    , Serqet 1, Merc 1, and so on. The list goes on and on.

    Crit should stay and be good, not just a joke build you do when you don't feel like building pen like in S4. Or we can just have mage ADC take over and let the hunter class die.
    hachimans 1 don't have any RNg , it's just affectable by them ////

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    Talking about this, it think RNG is fun with crits and needed on some items. They removed it from Midgardian and is really disgusting and feels so unfair to be constantly slowed just for trying to do your job. Whoever had this idea was wrong. They should have just buffed a little Midgardian's proc chance. Like 35 or 40%. They try to put it like the effect is not full immediately and you got time to stop hitting, but if you're already hitting the enemy with the Midgardian is usually because you have to. I don't think there are many people obsessed with hitting the guy with the Midgardian instead of the mage that's deleting them or something. Midgardian just got 100% proc chance and not really much of a downside. An assassin can live with 10% reduce MS, but for an ADC that's already annoying and 20% and 20% is obnoxious and you only have to hit twice to get there...
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