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Thread: LiamX Ranks Smite's Warriors. Now With Osiris

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    Quote Originally Posted by RamenFrog View Post
    It's basically a happy portable incinerator, complete with lovely relevant memes. In this case, we have the lovely ASMR (aka relaxation) campfire to quell the madness of this perpetual cycle. I made sure to get a good high quality one that's 3 hours, because that's how long it seems to take Liam to get a hint.
    "You must spread some reputation around before giving it to RamenFrog again".

    Which actually sounds somewhat innuendoish once you type it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamX View Post
    Actually that's 2/10 but I understand you mistake it for 1/10. She's that unimportant.
    Anyway, she's not in any popular modern culture is one of the arguments. Popular entities like the planets which was named after Roman gods is another. But really, she just doesn't stand the test of time. She wasn't very important to the Romans compared to their other gods. Her defender has to bring out her husband to make her look important. Gotta squeeze every argument you can even the tiniest ones eh Lyralis? Nah thats fine. Do whatever you want.
    Well she is in the Percy Jackson series

    A relatively popular modern novel :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamX View Post
    Bellona was too unimportant for people to remember her. Raijin showed up in video games not related to mythology. Bellona is not in the Italian video games, no planet was named after her, no dwarf planet was named after her, no periodic table element was named after her, no word was named after her, she's just not important at all.
    You're insane... by this logic almost no god at all is important. None of them. Where is planet zues? What mineral on the periodic table is rajin again?

    Also what games not about mythology... because final fantasy is heavily based on mythology and always has been. Sure they make somethings up and take liberties but there has always been myth intertwined in the final fantasy series. That and Dota 2 which has tons of God's in it doesn't make rajin important at all and doesn't make any god not in them less important. I don't watch yur little anine naruto but it's obviously Japanese so of course they wouldnt have a Irish or roman god in it. Surprise they have a Japanese one though.

    Probably no one here plays much of bellona. I know I prefer other warriors. And I love rajin he was one of my first mage. I like him a lot more than bellona but I'm not blind and say a bunch of nonsense based on my opinions of not liking a god. I hate zues in this game I'm not off spouting bs about him.

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    Closed for impending review.
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