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Thread: Bragi, The Poet

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    Post Bragi, The Poet

    - The Poet -

    - Disclaimer: All credit for this picture goes to its original creator. -


    - Norse -

    - Mage/Guardian -

    - Magical -

    - Melee -


    Health: (+)
    Mana: (+)
    Speed: 350 -
    Range: 12 -
    Attack speed: (+)
    Damage: (+) (//)
    Physical protections: (+)
    Magical protections: (+)
    HP/5: (+)
    MP/5: (+)

    - Stats are a mix of stats -


    Passive: Runic tongue

    - As a master of voicecraft himself, all silences on Bragi are less effective.
    - Additionally, Every time Bragi or his nearby allies silence an enemy god, Bragi gains a stack of 'voice'. At 3 stacks, the next ability Bragi casts costs no mana and has a special effect. 'Master poet' is not affected by this.
    - Bragi cannot gain more stacks until he casts an empowered ability.
    - Silence reduction: 70%

    1st Ability: A poem for you

    - Bragi recites a poem of his own creation in the direction he is facing, damaging all enemies in a narrow cone.
    - Enemies affected by the entirety of the poem also become briefly rooted in awe of it.

    Runic tongue: Greatly increases the width of the ability and increases damage dealt.
    Master poet: Increases the range of the ability and silences at the end of cast in addition to rooting.
    - Damage/second:
    - Root duration:
    - Damage bonus:
    - Silence duration:
    - Cooldown:
    - Cost:

    2nd Ability: Master poet

    - Bragi Roots himself in place and summons his harp, powering all his other abilities with the addition of music to go along his words.
    - Additionally the music Bragi plays is so beautiful, enemies who hear it from close proximity become weakened, making crowd control effects on them last longer.

    - In this state Bragi is completely immobile and takes additional damage from all sources. However, he is Crowd Control immune.
    - This ability cannot be cast wile CC'd even though it grants CC immunity.
    - Increased CC on enemies:
    - Increased damage taken:
    - Cooldown:
    - Cost:

    3rd Ability: Performer's peace
    - Bragi recites a maddening poem to a single target, dealing damage over time. This effect can be ended early by the target casting an ability but becoming silenced for the duration that was remaining of the DoT.

    Runic tongue: Interrupting the curse with an ability cast does not remove the damage being dealt but still silences.
    Master poet: Allies near the target or Bargi himself also become maddened, increasing their attack speed.
    - Damage/second:
    - Duration:
    - Attack speed:
    - Attack speed duration:
    - Cooldown:
    - Cost:

    4th Ability (Ultimate): Listen well!
    - Bragi concentrates all his power into a short poem so powerful it forces everyone around him to listen, silencing all enemies in a large radius.
    - This ability is channeled so Bragi may not use other abilities or attack during the cast.

    Runic tongue: Increases the cast range by 50% (If master poet also active, range becomes global)
    Master poet: Increases the cast range by 50% (If runic tongue also active, range becomes global)
    - Channel/Silence duration:
    - Cooldown:
    - Cost:


    Created to enter the monthly contest by Aurasai into the theme "Gods with interaction with crowd control"



    - Released the raw version with no numbers and little to no polish.


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    Well, as a start, I can already see that you invested alota thought into making this concept. such is true for all your other concepts. I admire that, as I always look for intricacy when it comes to creativity. in this case, fan-made concepts for smite gods.

    despite this, I still have my concerns regarding some things about the abilities. so let's see what you got here.

    first of all, I would like to address something that regarding the entire kit. he can apply silence with 3 different abilities. I understand that silencing is a core part of his playstyle, but I do not know if you know, but subsequent CC effects within a short amount of time suffer diminishing returns. so it would be counterintuitive to make all his abilities apply silence not only because they will suffer diminishing returns, but also it doesn't help the character itself nor his teammates that he can only apply silence. even Awilix, who relies on her enemies being knocked up, only has 1 ability that allows her to do so (I could give other examples but one will suffice). I suggest making only one of his abilties apply silence while the rest should either apply different CC effect or none at all.
    now, onto the specifics:

    the passive: I like how the give players the option to adapt to different situations by having the abilties cause different effects based on the conditions. that allows for some clever decision-making and intricate gameplay. however, I can see that he gets 70% silence reduction from this passive. it just feels a little too strong. maybe reduce it to 50%. besides, tenacity against silence poses an important question. some CC effects reamain indefinitely for as long as the subject remains within the AoE of the ability, e.g. Nox's 2 and Ganesha's 2. so theoretically, if their respective abilities lasted forever, then the silence would last forever as long as the characters remain on the abilities themselves, so how does the tenacity take effect in this case? maybe you could alter the passive a bit so that it would respond properly to these kind of situations.

    the 2: I like the idea of the self-root. it's a high-risk high-reward ability that forces players to you use at the right place at the right time. in other words, intricate decision-making.
    however, the self-damage increase is counterintuitive. I can't imagine players wanting to take such a risk when they know they have a higher chance of dying. it should be the other way around, since Bragi can't move, that leaves him vulnerable, so in such a case he should take decreased damage, rather than increased. if you want to go in that direction, then complete CC immunity is redundant. maybe just make him immune to knockups or the likes. also, the ability seems a liitle bit underwhelming. maybe because I just feel that it needs the increase the damage on the other abilities.

    the 3: overall, no problems. but instead of making the silence apply for the remainder of the duration, how about just make it flat duration after the target casts an ability. not only is this more rewarding, but otherwise it can be exploited by the enemy. because if there's 25% damage left to be dealt, then the target can save that by casting an ability and denying that damage while only suffering 25% of the silence. think about it.

    the ult: this ability feels somewhat... underwhelming. mainly because all it does is silence, and it doesn't if it's global or something else. I suggest giving this ability some damage while adding something more to it... to make it feel more special, or at least make it feel like an ult.

    this is my opinion. if I didn't address certain abilities is because I saw nothing wrong with them. I would comment on the stats of the abilties as well but at the time of this comment, you left out, opting to add them another time. anyways, I hope this feedback has been constructive to you.
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