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He actually did have nemean lion, as did I as I'm sure you can see. However, due to devourers I healed more than I hurt myself so the crit just meant his life went down faster tban mine.

The brawlers was to help make sure his health did indeed go down faster than mine, though if he had built brawlers himself I'd likely have to change some things.

Frost bound reduces your opponent's movement, but more importantly it also reduces their attack speed. I could have gotten witchblade instead I suppose, but I like frost bound.

I had hastened katana simply to ensure sticking power, my opponent likes to use sprint and I like to be able to chase/juke. I didn't need it, I could definitely have used something else but it didn't hurt me at all either. Besides, I wasn't using ninja tabi remember. This gave me attack speed, movement, and the passive helps me stick just as good as having boots would have. Honestly, probably better than boots.

Also, keep in mind this was a duel not a conquest. So I was only building to fight my opponent, not a team.
I'm sorry but I was talking about duel too.
I've seen some bellona duels and they didn't take devo so i'm still not sure.
Brawler is ok as you said.
Frostbound.Well FB it's actually nice, not because you will slow his movement since you were both close range, but because it slows their attack speed as you said.
Hastened Katana, again there are a lot of other options. Let him use his sprint once and you can go for the kill the second time.
You could go for pen, stone cutting sword, anything.
I'm still not sure if not taking boots was the best option, the attack speed and movement speed is pretty handy you know.