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    (God Concept) Nuada

    The Silver Armed

    When the Tuatha Dé Danann first set foot on the land, they had to fight against the Fir Bolg, the natives, over control of the land. Nuada, the king of the Tuatha Dé Danann, offered to the Fir Bolg to share the land, but the Fir Bolg refused and a war was started among the tribes. During a battle with Sreng, the Champion of the Fir Bolg, Nuada lost his arm. But in the end, the Tuatha Dé Danann gained the upper hand and won the sovereignty over the land. However, because he lost his arm, Nuada was unfit to lead the gods anymore, so they had to find a replacement. They choose Bres, a half-Fomorian prince who was renowned for his beauty and intellect to be their new king, and Nuada had to step down.

    During his reign, Bres forced the Tuatha Dé Danann to pay tribute to the Fomorains and he enslaved them. He forced the wise Ogma to carry firewood, and the mighty Dagda had to dig trenches around his forts. Nuada watched helplessly how this false king tormented his people, but thankfully, the physician Dian Cecht and the wright Creidhne gave Nuada a new arm made of silver, making him strong enough to fight Bres and free his people. Nuada managed to dethrone Bres and returned to his rightful place as the king of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Nuada ruled for 20 years before Balor, the Fomorian king, executed him. He was avenged and mourned as one of the greatest kings of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

    However, in those times of war among the gods, a shadow was seen walking on the battlefield. A shadow tat was caring a sword of light in one hand, and the other was made of pure silver. Could at be? Could that shadow be Nuada himself? His will seemed to be far stronger than anyone could imagine, for if not even death could prevent from Nuada to fight for his people, then nothing will stop him from winning this war.

    APPEARANCE: Nuada is a tall man wearing a black armor that is covering his entire body. He has a black featureless mask all across his face and a long white hair. His left arm is made of silver and he carries a sword made of white light in his right hand which he holds like Tyr in his defensive stance.

    PASSIVE - SIlver Grip
    After five successful hits on a single enemy, Nuada forcefully grabs his enemy, completely immobilizing him/her for ten seconds. During this time, Nuada can use his first, second or third ability to use one of three devastating combos. If Nuada use his Primary attack during his silver grip, the enemy is knocked back and take damage.

    ABILITY I -Silver Cut
    Ability Type: Projectile
    Nuada slash with his sword, creating a silver slash of light that passes through everything. Using this ability during silver grip will cause Nuada to lunch his enemy to the sky and then crush on the ground, damaging and stun him/her.

    ABILITY II - Shining Blade
    Ability Type: Area
    Nuada slashes in a circle, damaging any enemy around him. Using this ability during silver grip will couse Nuada to preform four deadly slashes on his enemy, damaging him/her and disorianting him/her for few seconds.

    ABILITY III - Shadow Strike
    Ability Type: Dash
    Nuada is dashing forward, slashing every minion in his way and stop at the first enemy god he encounters, damaging and crippling the enemy god. Using this ability during silver grip will cause Nuada to throw the enemy god in any direction, causing damage on impact to that god and any other enemies in the impact zone.

    ULTIMATE - Sword Of Light
    Ability Type: Teleport
    Nuada focuses his might to one deadly strike. He then chooses one enemy god, teleported to that god location and causing one powerful attack, damaging the god and cripple him/her.


    Victory: Nuada proudly stands on a pile of dead minions.
    Defete: Nuada's silver arm fell and he try to reattach it but it doesn't stick.

    Bleeding Shadow (Nuada entire armor is vermilion)
    Dark Grip (A darth vader skin)

    to Cu Chulainn: Lugh, my old friend, i am sorry...
    to The Morrigan: Begone witch!
    to Cernunnos: This is not your forest, you have no power here.
    to Thanatos: You think death scares me?
    to Cabrakan: I fought bigger Fomorians then you.
    to Susano: Not so quick with your blade after all.
    to Xing Tian: Both of us lost our heads, but at least I retrieved mine.

    from Cu Chulainn: Disappointed, I hoped for a better fight from someone like you.
    from The Morrigan: You are fated to die, so stay dead!
    from Cernunnos: Your kind disrespected nature for the last time.
    from Thanatos: You probably have a lousy death god if you are still alive, let me fix this.
    from Cabrakan: Your tiny candle cant stop me!
    from Susano: It seems that my sword of steel is far stronger than your sword of light.
    from Xing Tian: I will make sure to chop that head of yours for the second time!

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