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Thread: Vent about stupid people in smite!

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    Vent about stupid people in smite!

    So i will never understand why people are unable to follow basic concepts of online games in smite.

    heres 2 of my personal pet peeves:

    1: People who dont rotate in Clash!
    I know right ROTATING in clash! lmao! like its a huge wide map! (fun fact ITS NOT!)

    For some reason , in clash in particular, EVERYONE just camps the right lane. They full clear their wave. And then just WAIT, like they literally SIT THERE, doing nothing.
    Or the other thing that happens: You defend left lane solo vs 2 or 3 people. The moment the other team clears their side they rotate to the other side leaving you with the full wave to clear which (depending on god) may take a while especially in the early game. And then naturally YOUR team takes the 4v5 on right AND LOSES AND DIES AND then blames YOU for not rotating! genius.

    Which brings me to another pet peeve. People who take outnumbered fights for no reason.
    This is soooo basic in EVERY online game EVER. Yet i constantly see people taking 4v5s or even 3v5s. Even when there is NOTHING to fight over.
    Especially in Assault where it is required to die from time to time, this can be a huge game breaker. Earlier today i had one of these games. My team CAMPS THE ENEMY TOWER 3v5! even though we are only equal on farm and xp, and they have the full lane to go back up to our phoenix. THEN after they ALL die they naturally proceed to blame ME for not being able to defend Titan 1v5.
    I guess at least they are consistent in their thought pattern. 3v5?? totally winnable! 1+Titanv5 ?? yea totally WINNABLE! How the fuck do you lose that noob???

    Like WHY? Its not rocket science? (or is it?), i will never understand why people in this game have the decision making and game sense of potatos.

    Feel free to join in some group therapy venting!

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    Please use the vent thrad in the future. closed
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