Since I've beeing experiencing this issue for quite a while, PLEASE DO NOT comment unless you're willing to contribute anything useful to this topic. It's been a pain in the A** and now I finally found the guts/got desperate enough to come to the forums and let you guys have a look on this fraud of "support" that I got.
Also to eliminate any doubts and discussions, I have mental issues and I take medication. This is no kind of cry for help in any way, I'm just letting you know beforehand. So please mind that my Streams might be weird/cringy.
I'm not very good at expressing myself so I won't grammarcheck this more than twice.
This takes me long enough to even write it down anyway so as long as I get my point through I'm happy the way it looks.

This is what my conversation history with the Hi-Rez Support-Team looks like.

As you can see, I started asking for support on this specific topic about a year ago.
At the time I got my first ban AFTER HAVING BEGGED FOR ASSISTANCE.
It felt awful since I play a lot to calm down and escape from the real world.
All of a sudden this thing I spent time, money, sweat and energy on, which also was the only thing that kept me waking up every morning, was taken away from me without it making any sense at all.
So maybe you understand why I am really frustrated about this.

I instantly asked for help and the answer I got was:

Your account was reviewed based on reports we received regarding your in-game conduct. After reviewing the reports and verifying the claims, your account was suspended. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Be aware that Hi-Rez does not ban solely based on user reports without other supporting evidence and we human review all bans.

You will no longer be suspended on 6/10/2016 2:59:01 PM UTC instead of the full 7 days previously given.
You might think to yourself:"Well yeah it's a pretty obvious response kid, what are you not comprehending?"
That's a wonderful question, which I'm about to answer RIGHT NOW.

I told myself to just be satisfied with the support's answer.
Since Hi Rez is a HUGE company I thought to myself that it wasn't that big of a deal and allthough they ignored my reply, I rolled on with it because I had more important problems at that time.

To wrap things up quickly;
I opened up various tickets where there was no to little of an answer from HiRez Side.

After that I kinda gave up, got my life together for a little while, so the reports stopped of course.(Pretty obvious after I wasn't playing for 8 hours a day anymore)

Now I find myself banned, again. This time for over 8000 hours.
The support didn't even communicate with me properly, they just went with the typical e-mails you get from a support in any kind of online matter, appearing to not even be human, rather a robot whom I was writing to.

I started getting a lot of attention on twitter and everything was going way too well.
Yes; way too well it was. My predictions were as exact as it gets.

Following was the last answer I got:

I'm sorry but this suspension cannot be reversed. Thanks for understanding.

Hi-Rez Studios Customer Support
Oh yeah cool thanks for NOTHING!

Ignoring the fact that; NO! I do not understand this and I'm very not okay with this even happening;
You didn't even TRY to address even 1 of the problems I listed besided the fact that now I'm being banned anyway, which was what I intended to avoid.
Is it too hard to understand that all I wanted was to continue playing the game and making content without having to bother about little kids that report people for no reason!?

I hope anyone who's not a robot and posseses basic logic can help me out with this... this... I don't even know how to call it.
Please note that it is very understandable how mistakes like this happen. Me myself worked as a Travel Network Support at SABRE Travel Network, so yeah, I get that you don't have the "time"/ in reality the endurance/ to look at each case as close as you'd need to.


For me, this is:

  • A disrespectful way to treat your customers.

  • A lack of discipline in the working enviroment.

  • Overall just a mess, speaking about unjustified actions, ignorance on paper(or bits/digital information )
    and most important a waste of time for everyone involved.

Thank you for taking your time and I hope we can get this to be read by someone who's powerful enough to get this message through.
We beign the "players" have to be treated propperly, and not as if we were cattle.