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Thread: Krios Titan of the south

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    Krios Titan of the south

    Krios Titan of Constellations
    Class warrior
    Panthan Greek
    Design he would have dark armour with stars on it and a helmet with a rams horn on it.
    He would be a sort of warrior assassin while not having as much damage as a normal assassin but not being as defensive as a normal warrior
    One of the twelve Titan children of Gaea and Ouranos Krios became a Titan of the four corners by helping Kronos destroy there father. When he became the Titan of the south he also took on constellations. While not as strong or powerful as Kronos or Hyperion he always felt like he was being overlooked. Spending days on end staring at constellations deep in thought.
    When the gods took over the titans of the four corners were sent down into tatarus forcing atlas to hold up the sky. Somehow his brother Kronos has escaped and entered the battle trying to destroy the gods once and for all. While not being as strong as the others he was the smartest and now he has escaped. However not to serve Kronos or any other of his brethren but him self to see what’s left and help reforge humanity to suit him above all others.
    Passive changing constellations
    This goes into his 1 by changing to one of the two different constellations. He gets a different stance one into the south stance and constellations stance. Each gives respectable changes and different abilities.
    1 southern stars
    He changes his armours constellation to the ram or sword abilities being different for each one. Ram gives you longer line of sight you can see oppents in stealth when it’s got less then twenty-five percent of it left. Sword does more damage and has a longer range as well as lowers the opponents physical protection after two hits.
    cooldown 15/14/14/13/11
    Mana 0/0/0/0/0
    2 charge of the south (long sword swing)
    Krios harnesses the power of his constellations charges forward for 100 units knocking up any enemies gods and running through minions
    Embedding his power into his sword he swing it in a cone stunning all enimys that get hit by it. Buffing himself for 4 seconds but only in sword stance.
    Cooldown 12/10/10/9/9
    Mana 60/65/75/80/90
    Damage ram 50/100/140/210/360 +60% physical power
    Damage sword 110/190/270/340/440 +60% of your physical power
    3 earthshaking smash ( southern spin)
    Krios smashes his fist into the ground creating a aoe effect doing damage within 20 units of himself and crippling any enemies gods hit for 3 second
    Krios grabs his sword and puts the power of the stars. Spinning around damaging enimhys and adding a bleed affect for 3 seconds resting every time there hit by a tick 6 ticks.
    Cooldown 14/14/12/11/11
    Mana 70/70/80/85/90
    Damage ram 40/50/50/70/70/ +40% of your physical power
    Damage sword 60/70/75/90/140 +45% of your physical power per tick
    4/ultimate star strike
    Krios sumans the constellations of the mighty ram and the surrounding stars to smash into the ground where he aims it and leaps down on top of it. When the first tick hits they are rooted for the rest of the ultimate
    Damage 200/250/300/375/425+90% of your physical power
    So what are your thoughts too op or about right
    This is my first concept so it’s probably not that good but it’s okay the other one had the wrong title

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    Forgot to mention ult mana is 100/105/115/125/140
    And cooldown is 80 seconds
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    4 things out better. this is just a text wall and thus really hard to read
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    Quote Originally Posted by GameVeteranAzure View Post things out better. this is just a text wall and thus really hard to read
    Sorry I was just writing as I have been tought

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    Quote Originally Posted by dankgangster4 View Post
    Sorry I was just writing as I have been tought
    You arent really writing an essay though.

    Its more of a bulleted list if that helps you

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