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Thread: NEW God - Portunes; God of keys and doors (Roman)

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    NEW God - Portunes; God of keys and doors (Roman)

    Guardian - CC/Support God idea

    His play style is moving players around the field and buffing.

    Ranged basic attack that deals 2% of targets max life in bonus damage (to help compensate for lack of offensive abilities)

    Skill 1: ground target area - all enemies caught in the area are teleported away from the target area in a random direction and dealt damage.

    Skill 2: opens a magical path way for all allies in radius nearby, buffing movement speed and attack speed

    Skill 3: selected ally God passes through a doorway into an alternate realm, granting stealth and protections based on a percentage of Portunes protections.

    Skill 4: large area target (size and range similar to Vulcan’s Ultimate) all allies and enemies caught in the affected area pass through a door, arriving at Portunes’ location (cannot be cast inside base). Grants a large protection buff to Portunes.

    Passive: Name: “Whenever one door closes...” - when a skill is cast Portunes gets a protection buff that increases per skill cast (max. 4) that lasts for 10secs. Casting renews the countdown.

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    Aesthetically, you need a different god. Portunes is very similar to Janus.

    Kit wise, I like that his 3 ties into his passive. the 4 needs work since you can't cast it in base, which if you are fighting around the titan or phoenixes you need your Ult available. Also, is it supposed to be global?

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    yeah sadly this is way to close to Janus, who is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. (according to most lore). even more so that Janus is roman

    tidbit of advice when it comes to god concepts

    Try to find Gods that; don't exist in Smite and, don't have similar "titles" to Gods that exist in Smite (especially if they are from the same pantheon).

    While Portunes isn't in Smite, unfortunately most of what he does can be looked as a copycat to Janus.
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