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Thread: Fun Thread: Your Biggest Smite Accomplishments?

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    Fun Thread: Your Biggest Smite Accomplishments?

    For me, it'd be the last Conquest game I played.

    Holding the fort for 51 fucking minutes in a 4v5, with both my jungler and my adc doing very poorly early on.

    I still have no clue how in hell we managed to hold on so long.

    Probably my proudest game simply from the absurdity of it all. Yes this is better than getting a Penta, and we fucking LOST lol

    Apparently knowing your god and playing lots and lots of Arena can compensate for lack of Conquest knowledge.


    Another thing I'm proud as fuck about.

    I've yet to have a bad Scylla Conquest game despite whatever junk my team may or may not be composed of.

    Note that this is within recent times. Long, long ago in 2016ish times I tried Conquest and failed miserably. Then I went to Arena to train and look it paid off!

    The amusing thing is despite my shittiness in Conquest long ago, my average Scylla scores are still WAY better than they are in Arena. The fuck?

    I swear I should main Conquest. Farming kills for my god stats yo.


    Going by just the stats in my recent games, I have a really really good KDA.

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