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Thread: Custom Smilies for the forums

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    Custom Smilies for the forums

    Hello guys. Those of you who've joined us in the Forum Discord will know that we have custom smilies/emotes in there.

    The mod team is currently working to bring those to the forums.

    If you have any particular emotes you'd like to get added, post here along with the emote name you want (For :example: ), we'll be doing them in 2 formats, small emotes (20x20) and big emotes (80x80)

    Here's the size examples



    I'll be revamping the bulk of these myself to make them look better both here and on the discord, so expect some slight image changes discord users.

    When you post, please do so in the following manner

    Where you want the emote : Discord/Forums/Both
    Source Image :
    Resized Images : Include 1 35x35 and 1 80x80
    emote text : :example:

    Here's an Example submission

    Where you want the emote : Both
    Source Image :
    Resized Images :
    emote text : apolloface and apollofacebig
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