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Thread: === Official Matchmaking Tread ===

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    The sad thing is that HiRez doesn't seem to care about the opinions and needs of their playerbase, I have very very rarely seen a reply on the forums and matchmaking is such an oft criticized problem that I doubt it will ever be changed. I loved this game and hoped everyday it would get better on level 30, alas I've been 30 for over a month now and it is still the same, i still get matched with non-30s... I'm just glad I didn't yet pump money into it, because I wanted to wait what it would be like at 30... and there are so many skins I would have bought along with the god pack xD Well more money for games where they react to community feedback...

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    A long time I wanted to get into the issue of it, but I refrained because I thought that things would be better, but everything just stays the same, it just does not make sense that every victory I will get a five losses in a row and at least four of those losses this surrender after 10 minutes, the games so unbalanced that it is really annoying, most of the games I get players that are just starting to play and have no idea what to do, and I am against those who have legendary skins or diamonds, So rare that runs a balanced game it feels like my birthday came, mainly because of the wait, because it also feels that comes once a year, I see there are so many topics on the subject of balancing games of people complaining about the same thing and just nothing changes .
    And I have to say anything else, I'm not a pro player or anything, on the contrary I'm still learning the game, but I expect that if I get really good players to play vs them, So I also expect to get same kind of players in my group, and not get again again 10 min of garbage time.. plz do somthing about it..
    btw sry if my english bad and for QQ , but im really frustrated..

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