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Thread: VGS needs better specific options

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProStannerX View Post
    VGS on console NEEDS
    Attack the Minions
    Attack the Healer
    Attack the Tank
    Attack the Mage etc.
    YES PLEASE! after my kids lost my PS4 mic, I have to waste so much time digging around in the VGS menu to try and find something to tell the others HEY! LOOK do this thing!

    And I have noticed a ton of really good ones that are missing. I say they need to replace the you rock, cancel that. crap being that's all anyone ever uses. Besides trying to win. Just insulting each other like crybabies.
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    again the issue is limitations with the controllers and button mapping.

    consoles pretty much reached their limitations with vgs.

    and they won't remove vgs unless they also do so on pc.
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