Hi everyone, I really hope someone can help me.

I recently started playing SMITE on my laptop and for some reason I cannot hear anyone's voice chat when we are in a party and the people in my party cannot hear me. I'm using the laptop mic and speakers which work in other games like Paladins and DOTA. They can hear and speak to each other but they have to type to me and i can't hear anything they are saying. This is making things very difficult in game as we think the VGS is not sufficient.

All older posts say that SMITE has no in game chat option and that you need "Curse" app. But if u go into "Audio" settings you will see voice chat options. I have tried using push to talk and open chat. Neither work and the worst thing is not being able to hear my teammates who are in a party with me.

Hope someone has a fix. Thanks in advance