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Thread: Competitive PC team

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    Post Competitive PC team

    Hey I'm a long time smite player looking for a team or for people who would like to be on a team or make a team whit me. but

    I am main support and adc but most supp but am comfortable in any role(might be a litle rusty in jungle but nothing that a bit of practice cant fix to original state)

    And yea i have great response in some god combos like isis+nox or anubis + neith root or just to block ultimate or make a window for my team to get away like terras stones or ymirs wall and yea i am not afraid to die for my adc or mage or teammate to so they can escape.

    Please message or add me on smite.
    IGN BloodElf14

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    WE ARE RECRUITING & Looking to add to our Pro Smite team

    We offer a wide variety of things
    - Clan Smite tournament with GEM prizes (last winner got 3500 GEMS!)
    - Friendly environment
    - Teamspeak Server
    - Discord

    If your interested add me on smite xxGeneralTeaxx or add me on steam

    To learn more about us please see our steam group

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    Dear BloodElf14,
    My name is Kevin (Gentiio) Nguyen and i'm the Team Captain for ImpirionG EU.
    Our team is just done with taking a brake and we're going back to our play schedule.
    We're now with 5 and will get 3 people extra soon and our name is changing and sponsor (probably in begin season 5).
    It would be great if you can play solo, because we need a Subsition at least for that role.

    If you wanna join or want to do a test, come by and send me an E-mail.

    we still need someone that can be a coach, if you can you have to join us. you will be the team completer if thats a word.
    we're using Curse / Twitch as team communication.

    hope to see you soon!!

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