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Thread: PS4 Pro Issues Ranked tab, Clan Tab, and Mini-Map

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    PS4 Pro Issues Ranked tab, Clan Tab, and Mini-Map

    On the PS4 Pro the ranked tab is shoved mostly off the left of the screen so it is nearly unusable. All you can see are your friends ranked and not the actual leaderboard (please didn't this it is super annoying. Don't let it stay broken like the ranked tab.

    Also, the clan tab is still broken (has been for months) as the panels do not move to the left when you move the highlighter to the right.

    Also, the icons on the mini map are EXTREMELY small and hard to see on the PS4 Pro so could that possibly be increased so they're the normal size for pc, Xbox, and regular PS4?

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    Same here, PS4 Pro.

    Also cannot activate boosters in god select and can't see when teammates activate boosters!

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