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Thread: These Issues With This Game Go Too Far!

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    These Issues With This Game Go Too Far!

    These days(like 4 years ago!) I'm seeing a lot of people who disconnecting regardless rage quitters. There are not many of them anymore. But the disconnecting, ping and the launcher issues... If we're encountering with the same issues every damn day then why the hell we keep paying? There is one answer of that. We're enjoying this game and hoping that Hi-Rez will do their job, but no, just a goddamn NO! I have spent over 400 dollars for this game. And 1 dollar = 3.56820444 for my country's currency. So, that's a lot of money for me. And I've been mad when I been disconnected while picking the god in the Match Lobby and got Deserter. Simply if players being disconnected just don't put them into the goddamn "Deserter" issue as the game understand that if you disconnected or closed the game by yourself! That is not fucking my fault to being disconnecting from the game while picking a god nor my PC and my ISP, modem, internet issue. That was the fucking Hi-Rez's potato servers. Just fix your servers instead of making tournaments. That's more important than giving huge money to some low amount of people! So if not everyone can play on your game as comfortable that does not matter how good this game is. I know who quit from this game just because of that and who would be. So spend your money income for improve your serves to prevent your new and more resources, noobs!

    P.S: This is one of the serious problems/topics in the game and topic would be. So shut your mouth to tell me that that is not the proper section!

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    Well, it can be a serious issue but this is an "Off topic" section, so ...

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