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Thread: Hipnos, god of sleep

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    Hipnos, god of sleep

    For gods that interact with allies: this one removes CC

    I've been meaning to make this guy for some time now, mainly because of this passive, he is intended to be a nasty guardian to face mainly because you can’t get too close without feeling tired.
    He is brother of thanathos and he is winged too. He can be given an armor to be visually bigger

    note: He doesn’t need being black
    And no, it's not my image

    Son of the night, he is the Greek god of sleep and is ready to enter the battlefield to make his enemies rest forever

    He is a guardian, and he has good health scaling (buy protections!). He has low penetration and speed. His magical scaling is just average. Hypnos also has He starts with average-to-bad stats and turns into average-to-good during the game.

    PASSIVE: Sloth
    Every time an enemy is damaged by Hypnos, it gets a sloth counter. Sloth counters debuff enemies (and are really nasty).
    Max sloth counters: 20 + 1 every 2 levels
    After 4.5 seconds without taking any damage from Hypnos, the counters disappear

    0.45% reduction on the following per counter:
    Movement speed, Attack speed, mana regen, power and Cooldown reduction.

    mystical mail is a must buy.
    This passive is what Hypnos kit revolves around

    Poppy field
    After a short delay, Hypnos summons a field of poppies on the target location, enemies caught in a small radius are mesmerized, this ability does not count as damage towards the mesmerize

    Delay: .2 seconds
    Damage: 4/5/6/8/10 (+4.5%) (Per tic)
    Range: 25
    Radius: 18
    Mesmerize: 1/2/3/3/4
    Tics: every 1 second
    Duration: 6 seconds
    Mana: 75
    Cooldown: 14 seconds

    Very useful teamfight ability, which can potentially let one or more enemies out for a fairly long time. It also helps stacking sloth counters and setting up other abilities.
    This is the ability you’ll try to avoid at any cost, because the inner circle will get you CCd very hard

    Hypnos sends nightmares to all the enemy gods over which he has power, dealing them damage. Gods with more than 10 counters will be disoriented, and gods with more than 20 will also be stunned for the same time. This ability also scares allied gods within 20 units, cleansing hard CC from them. Sloth counters are removed.
    Aditionally, at max rank this ability causes enemies within 8 unies from allies to be feared away from them

    CC duration: 1
    Base damage: 40/50/70/90/125 (+5% of your power per stack)
    Cooldown: 22 seconds
    Mana cost: 75

    Here is a core ability, the one that synergizes with sloth, dealing high damage, but first you need to damage them in order to get the kill (I know nightmares are something his son does, but come on! I can't do more abilities that just CC)

    Pulse of numbness
    Hipnos shoots a pulse that slows, cripples and damages enemies. This attack an pierce through walls and minions

    Damage: 20/35/60/80/1000(+35% of your power)
    Cooldown: 17s
    CC duration: 1.5 s
    Slow: 7%/8%/10%/11%/12%
    mana cost: 70

    This ability is nice to be synergized with poppy field, causing enemies to suffer a very nasty CC chain. Add the sloth counters and nightmare… This is the idea of the kit, CCing enemies over and over

    ULTIMATE: Let Oblivion flow
    Hipnos unleashes waters of river Lethe (forgetfulness), which flow forward damaging enemies and leaving a trail that silences and slows enemies. Stepping on the trail causes enemies to be afflicted with sloth

    Main damage: 120/140/160/190/220(+115% of your power)
    Cooldown: 85 s
    Trail slow: 12%
    Tic: every second

    When cast, a wave will come out and leave a trail. Think of the trail like he bo’s paper river, but wider. The frontline deals the damage, while the trail will just tic you with sloth, without dealing damage


    Intro: Good night…
    "Good NIGHT ladies and gentelman" (Night is said louder)

    Buying offensive items: "This will help me put them to sleep"

    Buying defensive items: "Be the last one awake"
    Placing wards: "Keep an eye open while sleeping"
    Low health: "A nap would be nice now"
    Death: "Hello brother, we meet again"
    "I’m… too… tired…"
    Killstreak: "You can’t escape sleep!"
    "…And they never woke up"
    Killing a jungle boss: "Even it couldn’t resist to me"
    "Power of the pillows!"
    Taunts: "Tired?"
    "Would you mind if I nap here? I find you boring"
    Directed taunts:
    thanatos:"Are you scared, brother?"
    Jokes: "What do tigers wear in bed? Stripey pyjamas"

    This may seem like an amazing mage to burst people down, but however, he has a HUGE downside: absolutely no mobility

    The other problem is the following: if you want toburst people with magical power you will need getting sloth counters for nightmares, which are far easier to get as a tank. This somehow balances the damage and support it can provide

    He can be in any lane! Weird mage, support or solo lane; possibilities are endless!

    Builds for hipnos!

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    If you actually made the fear on the allies Fear them (CC), but cleasing all other CC's and debuffs, that would probably count as unique ally interaction cuz its CC that works on allies. Or replace with a different CC, like making them them Taunted to the nearby stunned enemies (forced teamfight?) Sounds weird I know, but you can mess with it however you want to balance it. Just saw the "scares allies too" and reminded me of a way to keep this in the challenge.


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    An other god concept I'd like to try !

    I imagine him with an outfit made of cloth and some plate parts.

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