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Thread: I've Taken The Fun Out Of Smite

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    Unhappy I've Taken The Fun Out Of Smite

    I Remember when I first downloaded this game how much fun I used to have I didn't really care about builds or who was doing what because I was enjoying myself at the end of the day I loved the design of the gods the, art, skins everything about this game gave me something to enjoy and focus when I was going through some very VERY hard times in my life so this games mean a lot to me for more than just fun I take pride in this game

    All that being said my pride has driven me to the brink of insanity I made the fatal mistake of having one of my clan mates show me how to look at my account stats now I'm obsessed with numbers Every loss feels like a thorn in my side because I know my stats have gone down I'm consumed by Every gods win to loss ratio their KD and KDA as well as my overall account stats

    this has sucked all the fun and relaxation this game once gave me I'm so scared of my numbers I don't even play my Diamonds anymore because I don't want to "ruin" them ranked send me into fits of rage

    I just want to get back to the way I used to be I want this game to be fun again I want to play the gods I love regardless of their stats Chiron was one of the first gods I played for personal reasons and he's my all time favorite god but because he means so much to me I won't play him out of fear someone will look at my account and see that i'm no all that great with him I have mental health issues so this obsession didn't really come as a surprise I'm just wondering if anyone could help me out I just need some guidance for anyone who's going through what I'm going through
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    While numbers and all are cool, you can be chill and competitive at the same time. Its kind of a thing of being able to be good, but also able to sometimes just let go and derp around
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    If the stats bother you just turn off your profile from showing. You won't see your positive stats but won't see your negative stats. Don't let the numbers haunt you from playing who you want.

    I also hate having a poor showing on my diamonds. Like on event days when people go try hard I usually judge the team since they normally lock the none warriors and guardians first. If I think the team has a good shot I may use a diamond. If the team looks decent maybe someone I am good with but not a diamond. If I see a Loki or some other lesser team players then characters I can do ok but don't care about taking a lose.

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    I remind myself that there are other people trying just as hard to win and play well on the other side, so it's impossible to always do well. Last night I faced a team of Ymir, Tyr, Medusa, Ne Zha, and Anubis. I was playing someone I'm not at all comfortable with so I knew what I was in for, but I tried to make the best of it. Maybe they had been having a rough day and really wanted that win, so good for them. All I ask of teammates is not to intentionally troll/feed/spam. Sometimes you have a bad matchup, or the other team is better, and that's fine.
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