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Thread: "Damn, that team is defensive/offensive/passive...." What makes it though

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    "Damn, that team is defensive/offensive/passive...." What makes it though

    Pretty sure almost everyone heard that or said that before. 2 Teams fighting, both different or exact the same and you think "Damn are they passive/offensive/defensive"....

    But what defines passive/offensive/defensive teamfight style?
    Share your thoughts for each, what in your opinion marks it and maybe a team comp as an example^^
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    Offensive can be odin, ares, daji/thoth, morrigan/merc, cerunnos. lots of mobility to go in, focus on forcing beads and ghost relics. while all can still captalize on the one stun or ult. Cern is so mobile he can easily go in and out.

    Defensive - Geb, Ravana, Hun Batz, Agni/Pos/Nox, Artemis. Everyone here is really safe except artemis so you can never go totally bananas offensive cause you gotta protect your hunter. You have say Nox, Batz and Geb to defend. Ravana is safe in himself and can go back and forth as needed. Artemis with good team fight ult to close the deal.

    Passive is what you get when the other team have aggression you cannot handle. Before ghost relic I faced Odin, ares (both blink) with x cancer team comp as Agni in arena. I couldn't go close ever, they had to be the ones initiating due to our teams. If you become passive you loose unless the opponents get careless and over extend due to over confidence.
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    Passive would be waiting to punish dives, bad positioning zealous or over aggressive play. Usually a frontliner with solid hard cc like Ymir backed up by a least one good zoning mage (Zeus, Vulcan, Poseidon), a solid engager ( Fenrir, Osirus, Noobano, Hercules), with either a high burst adc, a lockdown mage like Nox, or a kill em quick assassin. Groups like these tend to have group heals as well allowing a punish/engage followed by withdrawal to heal up.

    Aggressive comps tend to have strong initiation, Odin, Chaac, Fafnir, Tyr, Bellona. They're geared around the idea of forcing mistakes and splitting up groups. Gods like Aphrodite excel here as they can sustain the engager and deal significant damage in the process. Ares and aoes are also common in these comps, which usually rely on nuke em all tactics followed by picking off survivors.

    Defensive comps are like passive comps but are more focused on maximizing farm. They'll hug tower and will usually only engage with some form of conferrable advantage, be it numerical, level, build or perceived by virtue of matchup. Late game gods tend to largely appear in these comps as a product of design, but gods with a high slippery rating as well. Lots of poke and zoning with an emphasis on late game domination.

    Of course this is all subjective opinion, but its what I envisioned when I thought of the terms used.
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    Passive: No one is starting a fight. They're just sitting there waiting for someone on your team to stray a little too far from your team.

    Offensive: They are thirsty for kills. They clear your minion wave and they group up, often singling out high priority gods or frail gods that didn't back up fast enough.

    Defensive: Bulky gods that guard their lane with all their life. Never leaves their tower because they have meditation cloak. The whole team has meditation cloak. Rotating healers. They won't kill you, but you aren't going to kill them.
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    A sure-fire way to be forced to be on the reactionary side/passive side is to not have blink on any of your front line in assault, you're just straight fucked.

    I deem who's passive and who's aggressive based on the initiations by the team overall though they're usually started by a guardian blinking it can be super gay to have bad initiation and a defensive Ymir more so than Geb.

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    An offensive team is the one that starts teamfights. A defensive team is one that waits to capitalize on and ruin the enemy's initiation. A passive team tries to avoid fighting. That's my understanding.
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    Ive played against a solo laner who juked all my abilites and never touched me, Ive also played the same way against a tyr as swk as i realized when we reached midgame that there was no way i could do any damage as he fullhealed every time he got a minions wave

    I sat for 20 min farming solo lane witouth touching anything but enemy creeps and my bluebuff

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    Offensive generally means 'Engage'. It's fairly generic. But it tends to mean 'Engage/Aggressive'.

    Defensive and Passive can both mean a multitude of things, some that over lap. For example, is Disengage considered Defense, or Passive? Well, both. You're passive until the Engage, then you are Defensive in the Disengage... and if you do it right THEN you are Aggressive in the Re-Engage (which is vital to a Disengage Comp).

    What about those Poke/Sustain Comps? I mean you are Defensive, keeping strict position to not be engaged on as Full Engage is your Counter. But then you are Aggressive, punishing anyone caught out of position with your Poke. Yet you are Passive, focusing on tapping only what comes into your range, whether that be God or Objective.

    Certain Comps hold certain Advantages, and the key is using those advantages when the situation is right. Every Comp will go through phases. Your Engage Comp... really aggressive. But I promise you, when they blow their Abilities and the Enemy Disengages... they become both Passive and Defensive real quick, until the next Window to Engage opens. If not, then they simply die because they were to stupid to stop chasing on a failed engage.

    It's something many fail to realize, the flow of Aggressive/Defensive/Passive that EVERY Comp possesses. The key is, getting the MOST ADVANTAGE when your PRIMARY Phase is up, while taking the least DISADVANTE you can in your other Phases. If you are an Engage Comp and failed the Engage, simply not losing a Tower might be a huge win for you during your Defensive/Passive Phase.

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