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Thread: Is skil even supposted to matter in smite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirKeksalot View Post
    If both teams are just as good, skill is not part of the equation. If the party sucks, the soloq'ers can just faceroll. Whether or not MM is good is a red herring and totally irrelevant to whether or not skill is a factor in deciding games.
    I agree with this, though I believe on the individual level it is impossible to achieve equal skill. Regardless as a team, members make up for each others shortcomings so 2 teams while still not being quite even in skill can go either way. It boils down to how well they cover those weaknesses and push their strengths on both the god comp side as well as the individual play styles and skill level side. I agree that MM has little to do with it in the long run, the system will never and can never be perfect but that is OK. As is humans are capable of learning and adapting during a situation instead of purely after it, so even if perfect MM was a possibility what could have been even teams at the start of a game can become uneven throughout it. All that matters is a similar tier level of skill, which I'm sure our current MM attempts to do until too much time has passed.(time only needs to pass for 1 of the 2 teams btw, I've seen people ask how it could happen that they are matched with/against people they shouldn't be immediately and the answer is quite easily that those people had already been in the queue for 3+ minutes so they were rushed into a game)

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    I got to plat in joust after losing half of my games thanks to afking, was too bored of the garbage team.
    And even there in plat whenever i que i get either 2 decent players vs ppl from wood league or mix and lose coz they team has no brain or i faceroll on a hunter coz enemy team is dumb too.

    usually these are the 4 levels of skill there to see:

    1 - total shit cant see past nose or use brain can easily be rekt by single person and especially by team

    2 - sticks to tower like bitch, stacks like idiot, but still dumb enough to engage in wrong 1v1s and can be rekt by my strategies

    3 - blend of the previous two above but can use best parts of his kit well so is potent in a way (this is usually the type of fill games where i lose, and i lose coz my team has gods or i ahve gods that are reliant on others so either i have to try alone to push enemy and get objectives or team just fails repeatedly endlessly)

    4 - the games i live for, with players who know EXACTLY what their gods are capable of, in every aspect, and dont make mistakes except aiming, and taking risks sometimes thanks to temptations, usually these games end up being weird, ad smallest mistake costs entire game.

    there you go, that sums up smite.
    sadly the majority of games are garbage


    its super rare i get someone from 4 on enemy team or on my team.
    yes i consider myself a 4
    but it doesnt matter when my team is such garbage i cant really bring out the best of my kit coz how do you push a tower guarded by 5 enemies? as a fucking single adc? or mage? you dont you sit
    let them feed repeatedly, try to score kills but it wont matter coz enemies will respawn endlessly

    the only way to win garbage games is to make a huge bet, wait 50 mins or more and once enemies die for 60+ secs try to make a go for the titan.

    whwnever i played conquest games usually ended around 22 whether bad or not, sometimes i played with shitty team that delayed game that was 16 mins up to 1h.

    smite isnt hard
    its stupid to think its hard
    its super easy but it takes time to get used to it, then again perhaps the majroity of player base cant, so its hard for them, idk, to me its easy, but the game is very limiting so, its not about blaming the team, its about the team.

    and my problem really is simply, there isnt a singel map fun enough to play

    clash is shit
    siege is ok but i cant play siege 24/7 can i
    arena shit
    joust ok but i cant play joust 24/7 can i
    conquest is ok but its a different style than usual game, delayed, which i dont always enjoy, plus its the type of game where there is so nothing to do that i see whats gonna happen a mile ahead, and there isnt much heat going on ever, maybe if i qualified in ranked and went higher but i dont care about ranked coz hoenstly

    i know what ranked is like
    you are forever trapped if team is shit
    waste of time

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