Revamp the entire clan system

I have been playing Smite for a more or less than two-thousand hours now and the one thing that always bothered me was the awful clan system. Not only is there nearly no sense of community between clan members, but also there is no sign of healthy rivalry between clans or inside of clans.

The first issue comes down to the way clans are customizable - if you can even call it customizable. Basically the only properties that can be changed are the clan tag and the clan ranks. If you take a closer look at the clan ranks you can tell that they are completly useless besides granting the officers special abilites like kicking or banning players from the clan. This leads to my first set of suggestions:

  • Add customizable clan ranks, i.e. the clan leader can create ranks to his liking and assign them to the members
  • Add a tag for the specific clan rank of a player in chat, i.e. [<clan rank>]<player name>
  • Add a clan icon editor that can be used by the clan leader to either create a icon himself or assign the task to a clan member
  • Add a global emote that shows the clan icon
  • Add a clan t-shirt skin that shows the clan icon and can be used on every god ( like the pro-league ones )
  • Add a jump stamp that shows the clan icon
  • Add a recall animation that shows the clan icon

I know there might be some concerns about the abuse of the icon editor but here are two ways around that and some general notes:
  1. Restrict the editor to premade icons that can be customized
  2. Add a new report a player option, i.e. Report clan icon, and ban the clan icon and make the clan leader pay again if he wants a new one
  3. I know that Hi-Rez is a company that wants to make money so I suggest making the clan leader pay for the customization pack ( possibly adding a way for the clan members to donate towards the customization pack )
  4. All other clan members can buy the customized items inside of the clan store in exchange for clan honor

Now to the second issue - the lack of rivalry between clans and between clan members. Because the issue is self-explanatory I am coming straight to my suggestions:

  • Add a way of organizing games between clan members
  • Add a way of challenging other clans to compete against your clan
  • Add a way of betting clan honor on those games
  • Add all sorts of leaderboards inside of the clan like the top lists for gods etc.

If any Hi-Rez employee happens to stumble upon this post I hope you forward it to the right person and any of these suggestions are taken into consideration. To all the other readers: leave your opinion and your own ideas below!