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Thread: Basic attack range varies

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    I hope they will look at it

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    There is nothing to look at, its intended and most players are aware of them. Also add some minor things and mechanics to the characters so i have no issue with them really. So far none of those broke my games drastically anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caitniss View Post
    There was a time when Rama and I were having a 1v1 in Joust and I should've been able to hit him if he could hit me because I was aimed right at him. My AA wouldn't reach though and his did, so I died when he had one hit left. It can be annoying when two hunters are having a 1v1 and one exploits that. If I played ranked duel a lot, it would probably bother me more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimarou View Post
    Same goes for hunters. They all have the same range...but the size of the projectile is not.

    Take Caitniss post above for example. A Rama will always hit a Neith out of range because his arrows are longer. If i remember right Rama has the longest projectiles of all hunters. The AA range only tells you where the projectile stops and that is mostly calculated from the center of the projectile. So when the center stops at 55.....the point of the arrow does not.
    This is true. I was able to test this using Anhur in the Starslayer armor vs an Anhur using Shadow skin. The Starslayer projectile is truncated and looks shorter than it is. The Shadow skin, with all its effects on it, SEEMS longer but it is the exact same distance in practice. It is weird, because the Shadow skin proctile will actually go partially though people and look like it should hit when in fact it is not dealing any damage because they are out of range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaveana View Post
    The one who chases is the one who loses. Don't chase the guy back pedaling.
    I wasn't purposely chasing, but I ended up in his way and he ended up in mine, and we couldn't allow each other to walk by haha...
    I'm not even sure if he knew. I didn't notice him backpedaling; it looked like he was just moving side to side and I stopped moving forward when his AA hit me.

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