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Thread: Player Looking For Group

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    New Member Cupidhead TakaraInoFa's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    Level completed: 64%, Points required for next Level: 252
    Veteran 1000 Experience Points
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    IGN : kirbyfighter12
    Age : 25
    Country/Timezone : EST - North America
    General Play Time : 5pm-9pm - Wed-Sat. Sun-Tues 7am-10pm
    Preferred Language: The English of Languages.
    God Masteries : 61
    Smite Join Date : 6/1/2013
    Preferred Position : Any
    Preferred God: I have no preferred god, as I like to play many classes. Specialized in Hunter class, with a secondary in Support.
    Curse : No (Curse doesn't exist - rip)
    Microphone : Yes
    Other Methods to communicate with you : Steam, Discord,
    Type of group I'm looking for : Casual / Competitive - Mostly an Active Group with a decent amount of people on Voice chat.
    Prior Competitive Experience : Ehhh.....
    About Me : I am looking for an active clan, with voice comms. I have become bored with solo queue. Don't mind any game modes, open to fill roles, or just have a 'bout of fun in assault, or anything for that matter. I am able to be serious when the time comes to be. However, I'm an easy going person open to suggestions about my play-style, and improvements.

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    New Member Cupidhead ZeppelinMetal's Avatar
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    Feb 2018
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    IGN : ZeppelinMetal
    Age : 35
    Country/Timezone : EST
    General Play Time : Typically Saturday Evening. A game here and there during the day on Saturday/Sunday. I also play evening Sunday and sometimes Monday
    Preferred Language: English
    God Masteries : 38 (I think)
    Smite Join Date : I joined during the Beta, but I've played off and on since then. I've just recently started really learning how to play well.
    Preferred Position : Solo or Guardian
    Preferred God : Chaac, Osiris, I have a few
    Curse : No, It's Twitch now, right?
    Microphone : Yes
    Other Methods to communicate with you : Whatever is needed really
    Type of group I'm looking for : Casual but with some ranked fun
    Prior Competitive Experience : None
    About Me : I am a fairly casual player that is non-toxic. I prefer to play with people that are here to relax and enjoy the game. I don't mind playing ranked or competitive, but I don't expect to be treated like dirt for making a mistake. It's a game. I also will not be mean or nasty if people make mistakes. I don't mind playing with noobs either, cause I'll claim that title everytime I fit it.

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    New Member Cupidhead Kaprina's Avatar
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    Sep 2017
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    IGN : Kaprina
    Age : 30
    Country/Timezone : NA/EST
    General Play Time : Typically evenings and at night. I normally don't play on Tuesday/Sunday because of raiding in WoW.
    Preferred Language : English
    God Masteries : 15
    Smite Join Date : I originally picked up Smite in beta(2013 or 2014?), but didn't really start playing until late 2017
    Preferred Position : I have not played Conquest(not opposed to it), but i prefer Mages and Guardians in other modes.
    Preferred God : Aphrodite and Nu Wa are probably my favorites so far
    Curse : Yes, i have Twitch :P
    Microphone : Yes
    Other Methods to communicate with you : Discord
    Type of group I'm looking for : I'm just looking for some chill/nontoxic people to have fun in casuals with.
    Prior Competitive Experience : Nothing PVP related :P
    About Me : I'm a casual player looking for a clan of like-minded individuals as i'm quite tired of playing with random toxic players screaming rude things at each other every other game. I would prefer a clan that has a bit of an older crowd (21+). I'm currently in a clan a friend of mine made just for the clan honor until i find some folks to play with. I'm just looking to relax, have fun, and learn.

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