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Thread: Ranked duel - Arachne.

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    Ranked duel - Arachne.

    Hi guys.

    Can you give me some advice regarding Arachne in ranked duel against mages?
    I have few problems to solve:

    1. I need to take magical defense while mage needs to take psychical defense. Psychical defense protecs him against minions as well while I am not. So either I have to take something which protects me from magical and psychical at once or second defensive items just for psychical which is out of question.

    2. Arachne's clear is seriously weak, I was playing against Anubis and you know how it went... His clear against mine...

    Once I've played against Poseidon, I was even leading 3-0 but we were at the same level because of his clear.

    Take a look at this match: Was my build ok? I've started with death's tool.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Build a bulwark of hope or pestilence depending on what you are up against, then just make sure you keep murdering them. Use the jungle to get around behind them instead of running through their minion wave and get an easier spiders shot. Kill bull demon early(because she can) and own the jungle buffs. Don't bother attacking towers early game and just eat waves and camps. Honestly as long as you are killing them and continuing to fight minions/camps instead of running back to heal you should easily out level them and you really only need 1 protection item. Even against Anubis, it is more about avoiding his damage than protecting against it(he shreds tanks for crying out loud, don't bother trying to defend against that)

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