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Thread: A thread for new gods suggestions? Yes? No?

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    A thread for new gods suggestions? Yes? No?

    Hello, everyone.

    New to the forum, not lvl 30 yet in the game, so excuse me if this is not the place for this thread or there's no place for this kind of threads.
    I started playing SMITE becase of my girlfriend (took me three months to get used to the mechanics, coming from DoTA) and because I love mythology and D&D.

    So. How about an Orcish pantheon?
    I can summerize briefly that their deities are kinda like mirror-images to the basic gods from other mythologies (god of warfare, of the underworld, the father, god of medicine and fertility, god of darkness and shadows, etc etc.)

    Why suggest this?
    Because all of their deities fit perfectly into every single role from SMITE.
    They have a warfare God (hunter)
    A healer/curses (mage)
    A god of darkness/night/the undead (assasin)
    A deity of death and disease (a possible guardian, suitable for solo)
    and their patron (a mighty spear-weilding warrior)

    Why introduce abilities, already found in other gods?
    The orcish deities (and peasants alike) are known for their stupidity and lack of courage. It would introduce a good new way to balance abilities and passives (like a % chance to self-fear, self-attack or self-debuff on certain situations AND balance with good self-buffs, keeping in mind what drives an orc)

    Why don't you write a more detailed post?
    I will edit this one later and try and attach a more detailed description of the gods and my ideas for their abilities (if this thread stays) because I'm in Bulgaria and this is my lunch break rn.

    Lots of love from Bulgaria.

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    Good idea, more ... I do not agree with her. Smite is a game based on mythological Gods from all eras and beliefs of the earth. Orcs are fictional beliefs, or at least, no "name and surname" stories have been found of orcs of whatever mythologies. Therefore I do not think that the idea of including them is taken into account ... In any case, if in any of the mythologies there is an Orc that is of great impact in the history (that I doubt), they can put it inside the game .

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