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Thread: Skadi Tier 5 Wendigo Skin

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    Skadi Tier 5 Wendigo Skin

    My idea for a Tier 5 skin is for Skadi. Since she always has Kaldr at her side I was thinking that of a native American skin for her and Kaldr, it's where I drew my inspiration for in design. The story behind it can be that she is the daughter or granddaughter of her tribe's Shaman. She was gifted and talented and that drew the ire from a fellow tribesman that studied under said father or grandfather alongside Skadi. This tribesman placed a curse on Skadi, dooming her to undergo the a horrific transformation when she makes her first kill. Dooming her to become the dreaded Wendigo.

    This is her initial look.

    The symbol of the norse pantheon can be her tribe's symbol. I was thinking it can be placed on the back of the Wolf's pelt she is wearing. She has black tribal markings on both legs and as well as facial markings around her eyes left cheek, and chin. Kaldr will be her spirit animal, not much changes with him in the initial stage but his face which comes with his own simple markings and appearance.

    How the transformation is triggered is that at level 5 when Skadi kills an enemy god she comments that she feels strange, and needs to "Return home" to see if she can find a remedy for her ailment. You can have Kaldr whimper in concern as he senses something wrong with her as well. When she returns to the fountain the change starts to take place. She can double over in pain as she grows a little bit taller, and you can see a small physical change in her skin. At Level 10 when she gets another kill, her outfit starts to shred as she grows a bit more, her arms gets longer, and her hands to turn to claws and her skin darkens. At this time Kaldr shows that he too is affected by the Wendigo curse as well since he is her spirit animal. Kaldr's fur gets darker and bones start to protrude from his forelegs and back.

    At level 15 Skadi completes her transformation. her skin is shrouded by dark, she has antlers like appendages protruding from the wolf skull on her head. her out fit is tattered and her eyes glow an eerie red or blue.

    Kaldr also completes his transformation as the wendigo having his top head and jaw appear skull like. His neck and back is covered in bones that run down to his tail. His eyes glow a ghoulish green

    For added effects Kaldr's life icons can take the shape of a wolf's head before switching to a Wendigo head health icon. Also when the Skadi activates her ultimate Winter's grasp I was thinking that it can take the form of a mystical energy, blue in nature to represent her purity before being cursed. When she starts her transformation the effects turn evil and foreboding, like a black color with a green outline. The same can be said of her other abilities each showing having the same pure and innocent color and each ending in a dark negative one. for example permafrost can stay as is but when she turns into the Wendigo it can be decayed looking and oozing ectoplasm with the sound of spirits oozing from it.

    Her spear can look like a totem pole with the wolf head being on top. I was thinking also similar to how Anubis tier 5 skin's global emote works, Skadi can get one where she rears back and howls. the sky turns to night with the moon and stars in the background. Kaldr when in spirit form has a ghostly tail when following Skadi and transitions back and forth in between spirit and physical when attacking.

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