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Thread: Bounty Hunter Jing Wei

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    Bounty Hunter Jing Wei

    Jing Wei will have two different transformations with this skin. The first one is when she hits level 10 the under suit changes (loses right sleeve, gains tattoo and glove), Jing Wei's facial details change (hair, scars etc.), and her weapon gets an upgraded appearance.
    The second transformation happens through completed items. For each item Jing Wei completes she gains a new section of armor. (if it isn't possible to do transformations with items then just do it with kills.)
    transformation order-
    1. Chest
    2. Legs
    3. Arms
    4. Skirt
    5. Upgraded jetpack and scarf
    6. Helmet

    Persistent Gust- anti gravity mine
    Explosive Bolts- Jing Wei switches rifle for grenade launcher
    Agility- uses jetpack to boost forward (visor lowers for buff duration with helmet)
    Airstrike-Uses jetpack and grenade launcher(visor lowers and wings extend)
    Rapid Reincarnation- uses jetpack (wings extend when upgraded)

    Rifle-sci fi mares leg that gets an upgraded appearance at level 10
    Grenade launcher- triple barreled grenade launcher that is holstered on jing wei's left hip(switches between rifle and grenade launcher for explosive bolts)
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    This needs more credit. Love that you drew your idea in crayon. The wings could use a bit of a change up because you don't want her to be a robot, but a bounty hunter. Just a recommendation. Good work!

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