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Thread: Future Cop Skadi

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    Future Cop Skadi

    As there's a dearth of female t5's, and I play her less than Medusa, I chose Skadi to be the T5 design I submit first. However, unlike the other designs, this one evolves slightly differently. Skadi's level denotes her overall look, but Kaldr changes based on the 2's level.

    A police girl armed with a taser and a set of cuffs, Skadi happily frolics with her box on wheels nutting perps playfully in the nadgers, until she gets older and more robotic. Then her hell-robot nuts perps in the balls electro-spikes first at Mach 2.

    This would let HiRez re-use some of the those Apollo Racer ainmations to let the Ro-VR unit perfrom well.

    level 1-4
    Skadi the rookie
    Police rookie Skadi has been assigned to the fledgling New City One's K9 division. however, she's not one to let being in the least-liked police division get her down! She'll handle traffic duty with her new Ro-VR unit with a smile! Rookie Skadi is out and about in her blue police jumpsuit and cute little hat, all perky and happy.

    Level 5-9
    Skadi, 20 years on the force
    Now less perky, this grizzled veteran is much more used to her role, and a lot less likely to let perps off with a ticket. Skadi has learned some hard lessons and added body armour, a eye-level helmet, scars and some grey to her hair.

    Level 10-14
    The 6 Billion Credit Skadi
    Skadi took on the wrong gang, and almost paid the price. However, thanks to a shady government deal with the largest megacorp, she has been remade. They had the technology, so now she is better, faster, stronger. Armour now encases much of her body, only her upper torso and head remaining human. However, she does get new flashing lights to go witht he ones on her Ro-VR.

    Level 15-20
    Skadi, Ultimate Justice
    The last of the silly little police girl has been taken away, now only a true force of Justice remains! Fully enclosed in armour, Skadi now takes on the criminals of New City One with no mercy. I'll leave her final robo-form open, although I think you can guess which (robo)cops I'm willing to Judge this on.

    Kaldr, the Winter Wolf
    Skadi's Ro-VR unit fights by her side and has 2 forms: Wolf and Turtle. While in Wolf form, the robot folds away it's charging vanes, unfurls his tazer-spines and races off to ram into some perps. While in Turtle mode, all extraneous modules are folded away and the unit becomes immune to attacks and regenerates lost charge with his solar array.

    Piercing Cold
    Skadi uses her "non-lethal" weapons to "harmlessly" take down the bad guys.
    1+2: Slightly charged up taser shot in a line, stunned enemies are lit up with Zeus lightning effects
    3+4: Upgraded from a taser to a shotgun with beanbag rounds.
    5: Tazer beanbags. Shocking, I know.

    Rune of the Hunt.
    1: Send out the box-on-wheels to drive into people. Has a little siren when it attacks and flashing lights. Kinda resembles a MSE-6 droid at this pont, and is about as threatening as an angry gerbil.
    2: Her Ro-VR unit gets some much-needed upgrading to the large-wheeled all terrain model. Slightly more threatening.
    3: Spikes on the ramming head, as well as an actual ramming head, the 3rd gen Ro-VR is lower, sleeker and more intimidating.
    4: The JAW-Z upgrade gives the Ro-VR some serious bite! Looks like a wolf head which tucks away in turtle mode.
    5: The ultimate upgrade, the Kal-DR variant has caterpillar tracks, a rocket-booster, more electro-spikes and even a little light on the end of his control antenna.

    1-5: Cordon off an area with little signs, as it has been hosed down with Supa-Slikk (tm) Anti-villain spray.

    Winter's Grasp
    1+2: Spray out a white jet of pepper spray from Skadi and ports on her Ro-VR to make enemies complain that it makes their steak taste bad.
    3+4: Spray out actual tear gas, not that wussy lesser stuff. Much denser with a obvious green tinge to the white.
    5: Perpetrators will be brought to justice, by any means. Green, cloying, choking nerv... umm, I mean perfectly legal riot gas.

    What do you guys think?

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    No art. The concept is great! However I think you should make it for Jing wei the only real adc. :u

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