Well I'm glad I was able to login and to put my idea out there. I appreciate it.

This skin is inspired by characters such as Cecil Harvey and Artorias. Corrupt/Abyssal Knight form for the dual blade/axe form and a divine archer for the bow form expressing the duality of Ullr.

Light and dark knight concept for Ullr is similar to Hel with the personality change, but his ideals are similar to the original Ullr. Seeing glory in all things, but goes about expressing it in different ways. Both aspects of Dualis Ullr want order in the ebb and flow of Asgard, but go about it differently. In truth, despite being the same person, they have no idea that the other exist. The Tyrs (joke) of his evolution are based on his awareness and acceptance of both halves and fully embracing their truths to the world.

Weapons: I imagine a glowing elven-esque energy bow and two double sided black axes that have immense dark energy coming off when he reach the final stage

Stage 1 - Light form has short curly hair. Circlet with diamond in the center. Sleeveless light leather armor on the torso. Simple leather cuisse with leather boots. Dark form has form fitting chainmail over torso. A hornless helmet appears welded over his face and head with a red diamond at the center.

Stage 2 - Roughly the same as stage 1 but his hair is somewhat longer, the horns appear in the dark form, and his body is beginning to glow with darkness or light depending on which stance he's in.

Stage 3 - In the concepts I created, I imagine that in his 3rd stage he wouldn't have the capes and the apparatuses behind him. Just the armor.

Stage 4 - I created concepts for his final form. The final form is where his capes and apparatuses appear. The light apparatus is star shaped with and the dark moon shaped. Both with a celestial sash flowing downward out a portal that changes color depending on which stance you're in. Light blue to dark blue if in Bow stance. Velvet red to black in the axe stance. While near enemy's or allies, they're perspective is slightly darker or slightly brighter.


Bladed Arrow (Thrown Axe)
The arrow looks like a green and blue comet.
The axe is thrown and puts a dark wave over the enemy's body if stunned.

Expose Weakness (Invigorate)
Ranged - Smalls stars fly into him and he glows for the duration
Melee - He glows a bit with dark energy, and when he moves, various dark after images appear behind him that dissipate a meter behind him.

Hail of Arrows (Glory Bound)
A skinny celestial pillar of light appears before it expands on impact of the arrow and quickly dissipates.
With a large trail of darkness, he does a spinning leap with the sound of a plummeting airplane (red diamond glowing brightly) and lands creating an explosive burst of dark energy at the targeted location.

Wielded Axes (Wield Bow)
Bow - Bursting star animation that coincides with the apparatus.
Axe - Condensed darkness burst through the character model and the capes, axes, and apparatus for around him.
Both very quick animations.