Intro:Hey everyone, hope everyone's having a fantastic day! Last minute submission, I had an artist commission art for my concept, but unfortunately he got sick and unfortunately didn't get to draw anything. I believe the idea and "lore" to this skin is such a cool concept, and after wrestling with the concept for over a week to get everything right I still REALLY want to post it. I am a Diamond Skadi, so I do have a bit of bias but I just really want to just put this idea out there. Super excited to see the final winner, t5's are always pretty sweet and a t5 skin with really smooth auto's on a hunter... can't wait. Enough with the rambling, here are all the aspects of the skin I want to go over!

The Basics: The evolution of this skin would change based on the ability you would max out first, so you still get that through game progress but it isn't as simple as "hit level 4/8/12/16." It also makes it so each game is a different, and that's really what I wanted to achieve with this skin. Something different every game, and there's an aspect that really expands upon this later on in the post. It will work with the "lore" of the skin and I'm excited to talk about it.

Lore: Skadi is a royal princess, the older sister and therefore heir to the throne. The kingdom is thriving, her father is passionate and loves this kingdom in the mountains that he has put so much effort to thrive. Skadi ventures out, she knows her father won't be around much longer and she's dealing with the internal conflict of whether or not she'll be able to compare to her dad. She finds an ominous cave, a red glow emitting from the near end of it. She braves in, discovering a dragon on the brink of death with a glowing egg. Stuff happens, she ends up with the egg. Skadi's father doesn't approve of it at all, and threatens to exile her from the icy kingdom. She can only keep the dragon and her place to the throne if she teaches it with an ice affinity. Dragons can't breathe ice of course, but they CAN learn to not fear it. Those are the basics, the skin progression is Skadi making her decision of letting the dragon be who it is, or manipulating it and keeping her place in the throne

Skadi: Skadi wears an absolutely elegant white dress at the start of the match, wields one of the finest crafted spears in the kingdom which is iced touch of course. Pale white skin, gorgeous long thin braided blonde hair, frosty blue eyes. Stunning, cool beauty emits from her. Since she comes from the kingdom of ice, her abilities are started as rough ice, even the ult is less wind and more about icy clumps flying around her.

If her first ability reaches rank three before her Second ability does, the dress switches to a white to blue gradient downwards, gets a bit longer and she gets a hint of frosty breath. The metal on her spear gets frosty, skin becomes a bit paler, nothing extreme because it's not rank 5 yet, and she can still "change" her mind. Abilities become frostier, a more elegant, her 3 still has some cracks in it, ult isn't perfect but it's not clumps anymore.

If her first abilty reaches rank five first, she gets a beautiful light blue dress, garnished with snowflakes and pretty sparkles, her spear becomes very ornate and icy, and most importantly she gains a embellished and adorned crown. Abilties are very, very pretty. Her 3 is completely smooth ice, ult is close to how it is now but with more sparkles and more rhythm/sync.

If her second ability reaches rank three before her first, her icy abilities get tainted with fire. Her dress loses some flow, her spear gets tainted with fire, dress becomes a white to red gradient, the red at the top transitioning down into the white. Abilities get fire in them, fire sears through the cracks of the ice in her 3, a red twirl of fire swirls around the spear of her 1, her ult has fire and ice particles.

If her second ability reaches rank five first, her dress becomes a silky smooth red dress, her hair gains ember tips and loses the braids and free flows. Spear is molten, skin becomes slightly darker. Her first ability is a fiery spear with a dragon mouth on the front of it near the end of the animation. Her 3 becomes lava with molten rocks, and her ult is a fiery storm.

Kaldr: The big guns of the skin. A freaking DRAGON. But here's what's special about it, at the start of the match, kaldr's just an egg. Yea, an egg that rolls around, doesn't dash or anything because it doesn't have a rank in it. When you put your first point into it, it hatches, and the dragons is random. It'll pick a random pattern, maybe it'll be striped or spotted or smoth or a top to bottom gradient, and it will have random colors (not like, neon pink and pine green but dragon colors like tan and such). this might be impossible to do in both aspects, maybe you have to have it hatch just when the game starts but I think the random pattern and colors would be an awesome way to make each game with the skin a little different.

Pictures:I'm no artist, but I did pull out my tablet and poorly attempt to draw some of the abilities.
Here's an example of what the dress could look like.

Thanks for reading. Wish I could do more than put the concept in just text, but it is what it is!