First off big shout out to Toughcookie as if not for their help, I would not be able to enter this in due to issues with my account not loading into the forums!

FRENZIEDSTEAM JING WEI (Illustrated) steampunk inventor skin for Jing Wei where she gains upgrades to her mechanical wings and hand cannon weapon with each transformation.

I took away the crossbow and instead had the weapon as an extension of her arm (hopefully takes up a similar amount of space so as not to mess with hitboxes too much). instead of arrows I picture her either firing small cannon balls or gear shrapnel (left over from inventions).

As well as a mechanical arm, I also gave her mechanical wings. I didn't get a chance to design it in the time I had left but I also imagined a jet back to help propel her in her early transformations.

Ability wise I picture her whirlwind to be puffs of steam coming up with little gears and tools flying through it. In her dash her wings would fully extend out.

Her explosive bolts would be mini explosions (I'm thinking mini nuke but might be too extreme haha).

In her ult I picture something like she's letting everything off at once so there would be things flying off to the side and up. Could be global similar as to how Anubis has his but instead with firework looking explosions in the sky.

For my Jing Wei Skin idea I was greatly inspired by steampunk fashion and the industrial style of machinery they use. I wanted to make something not seen as often in the current skins. From the top of my head I can only think of one maybe two other steampunk styled (serqet madame blade and maybe ao kuang clockwork knight). I can easily picture jing wei as a bright and budding inventor.

If i had more time I would have designed the back of her designed to show the jet pack and touch ups on the first form especially, but I thought they did a good enough job conveying the general idea of the skin. I'm sorry to any modeler who has to deal with her wings.........

Hope you guys like it!

P.S. All credit of this concept goes to frenziedsteam!!