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Thread: Nature's Sentinel Medusa T5 (with Art)

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    Nature's Sentinel Medusa T5 (with Art)

    This concept is a collaboration between Kiaransalee and I, with the original idea being hers. This T5 skin concept is for Medusa, and is themed after the elements of nature. There are four forms included, and all have different effects. We have drawn some art to give a general sense of what we'd like to see in a T5 skin. Kiaransalee has drawn the Air and Earth forms, and I bring you the Fire and Water forms.

    Overall Appearance: Medusa's torso and head are skin, and as you go down the arms and tail, her skin slowly transitions into the pure energy of whatever elemental form she's in. Her skin also adopts a shifting colour effect, tailored to her element. She also bears slightly glowing body markings, that are different across forms. The arms and bowstring of her weapon are comprised of elemental energy.

    Minion Kills (Optional): We thought it'd be cool to have the unique minion death animations occur when Medusa kills them in a certain form.

    Fire Form

    (DeviantArt page:

    Movement: A trail of fire, lava, and molten rock. Her flames grow slightly while moving.

    Viper Shot: Her arrows trail fire.

    Acid Spray: A ball of lava is thrown, exploding into a spray of fire.

    Lacerate: The target is burned by a short burst of flame on impact.

    Petrify: Medusa unleashes a large blast of fire, and the ground in front of her fractures, spewing lava.

    Petrified Enemies: Petrified enemies take the appearance of molten rock, with lava dripping from the cracks and fire at their feet.

    Minion Death: Minions catch fire and crumble to ashes.

    Air Form

    (DeviantArt page:

    Movement: A trail of dust and small whirlwinds. Occasional lightning across her body on while moving.

    Viper Shot: Her arrows have tiny tornadoes on the tip.

    Acid Spray:A ball of lightning, exploding into small ones in a cone.

    Lacerate: She zaps her target on impact.

    Petrify: A crack of thunder is heard as she unleashes a lightning strike in a cone, causing it to rain in the area briefly.

    Petrified Enemies: Petrified enemies are turned into dark storm clouds, with occasional lightning.

    Minion Death: Minions are electrocuted.

    Earth Form

    (DeviantArt page:

    Movement: A trail of grass and flowers. Small pulses of energy on her body while moving.

    Viper Shot: Arrows trailing petals.

    Acid Spray: A rock, exploding into shards. OR A plant bulb that explodes into petals and acid.

    Lacerate: The target is crushed by rocks on impact. (Similar effect to White Mage's Stone spell in FFXIV:

    Petrify: A shock of nature is released, covering the area in creeping vines and instantly growing grass and plants in the affected area.

    Petrified Enemies: Petrified enemies are turned into wood, with vines and flowers growing on them. Birds/butterflies float lazily around them.

    Minion Death: Minions are knocked back and a small patch of flowers grows briefly at the place they hit the ground, while they disappear.

    Water Form

    (DeviantArt page:

    Movement: A pool of dark water, and trail of turbulent, frothy waves, with the occasional fish. The water effects and bubbles on/in her body grow more turbulent while moving.

    Viper Shot: Arrows trailing water, splashing on impact.

    Acid Spray:A ball of water is thrown, splashing in a cone.

    Lacerate: The target is mobbed by a small school of fish.

    Petrify: Water crashes down onto the area and fish briefly appear.

    Petrified Enemies: Petrified enemies are turned into stone, half covered in coral, and bubbles float upwards. A small swarm of fish, or a shark, hungrily circle and peck at them.

    Minion Death: A small whirlpool pulls the minion into the ocean.

    Optional Animations Ideas:
    • When out of combat, the elemental effects on her bow can retract back into the weapon, until she goes back into combat.
    • When idle, she can have a unique animation depending on her form where she manipulates elemental energy. (eg. tossing a fireball around in Fire form)
    • When transforming, her current element explodes outwards and she dulls slightly in colour. The energy of the next is absorbed into her body, and she brightens into her new form.
    • She can have a different ultimate animation for each of her forms. Also, on ultimate use, she will glow brightly.
    • She can have less of a snake like movement, and be propelled by her element. So almost like He Bo, but not the same shape.


    Medusa starts in a random form at the beginning of the game. Here are a few ideas about how she could shift between forms.

    • After every Ultimate cast.
    • Absorbing "essence" from kills. They appear as small glowing balls made of energy, that she can pick up. Optionally, they can be certain elements, and once you get a certain number, you'd change into that form. This would somewhat allow you to "choose" which elements you'd like to switch between.
    • Every time she lands a Lacerate on a god.
    • After dealing X points of damage.
    • After receiving X points of damage (that form is "killed" briefly and another form appears to carry on the fight)

    An optional idea would be to only access two forms a game.

    Hope you enjoyed our concept!
    Our deviantArt pages:
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