With this skin Skadi and her abilities change, with the leveling of abilities. Her 1 and 3 change when you level them, the 2 will change Kaldr and the ult changes Skadi herself. While the pictures speak for themselves, with this skin Kaldr will be a horse slowly turning into a unicorn/pegasus. Skadi herself changes from a standard girl, becoming an elven style princess. The 1 and 3 simply become flashier and more magical with the effects each level.

First skadi is this town/hunter girl, and Kaldr is her white foal with brown markings.

Skadi changes her look, and becomes more town girl ish. she also wears a buttom long green cape.

Kaldr becomes a clean white horse foal.

Skadis aperance is now like one of the wealthier families, and she wears a clean white dress, with long sleves. She has also gotten long elven ears now.

Kaldr is now a white pegasus foal with with a slightly rainbow mane and tail.

Skadi is now in her final stage, where she is a gorgeruos elven princess. Her dress is shorter in the front. Instead of a cape, she has two big withe wings on her back. The dress is low cut in the back, to make space for the wings. the dress is white, but at the bottom it fades to the colors of the rainbow.

pictures from the back.

Kaldr is now a full grown pegasus/unicorn breed, with a bright and magical rainbow mane and tail.