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Thread: Devourer Medusa T5 (Illustration)

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    Devourer Medusa T5 (Illustration)

    Medusa Devourer of Life T5 Concept Art:

    The mask has snakes coming out of the eye sockets that wrap back under the mask. The top of the mask has two horns with two large snakes/vines wrapping around up to the top. I call them snakes/vines because they are snakes but they dont have heads, they just end like vines, so they are essentially snake bodies (just to clarify).

    This skins colors will be a scratched and wornout steel for the mask, with red diamonds down the middle. I imagine dark red or a blue for the colors of the snake/vines included all over the design, aswell as the part of the snake that is between the under belly and the large scales at the top. All of the snakes/vines will have a black and gray pattern on them. The under belly of the skin should be a pale cream color. The diamonds on the belly of the snake will be dark gray, or they can be replaced with a pattern that will be burned into the entire bottom of the snake. The scales on the top will be dark gray or black. The bones that stick out around the skin will be bone colored. The stalactite looking spikes on the back can be boned colored or made of metal. The blade on the end of her tail will be a worn steel.

    The only problem is that when you look at this skin you may not think she would use a bow. I thought that it may be cool if medusa sent spikes flying from her claws and arms when she slashes her hands at the air. Let me know what you guys think about this idea. I did design a bow anyways, so her arms could be shortened if it chosen. The drawing in the bottom left is of the 3rd form. I didn't design the other forms since i figured that Hirez would a fairly easy time working backwards from the final form.

    Now for the abilities. Her ultimate would show energy being channeled to her mask. The bones and spikes would begin to faintly glow the same color. At this point she would raise the mask and launch the beam. Her enemies would be encased in metal. The beam and colors used to charge should be black, gray, white, and either the dark red, or blue that was chosen. Her 1 would launch larger more powerful spikes from her claws, or just a powered arrow from her bow if that is the route chosen. Her dash would consist of her leaving a broken indent in the ground behind her as rubble flies up from beneath her. When she reaches her target she would sink her claws into them, with her elbows horizontal, and rip her claws back out. During this she will also slash the target with her bladed tail. Her acid spray would change as the game goes on. It would start as a regular spray with a color change, and eventually become a larger dark energy pool.
    Her voice should be very demonic and powerful.

    This is my first time submitting any of my concepts. Any feed back is greatly appreciated. I hope to post more in the future.

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    I like the sound of it, I'd vote for it.

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