Hello eweryone! Come here to see my nice Jing Wai skin concept for future Odessy.
As we all know, Jing is all about flying around with her passive and ult. So for T5 skin I diside: "Hey, lets give her a real plain!" Yes, you right.
Main idea of this concept that our girl become a pilot. No wing, only real aircrafts! Flyin from base is lookin like Jing jumps into her plain and fly to drop zone. Reachin it, she junps off her plain with parashut! Same mechanik with ultimate. Plain give enemys some heavy gunfire from sky, adn then Jing jumps out of it on her parashut.
Instead of arbalet she will take a rifle.
Follow the https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RZR8O link to see some sketches for this skin